4 Easy Ways to Save Energy with Your Computer


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Let’s face it- we would be all dead without the Internet, without the access to real-time, live information across the world and life would make no sense to the majority of our youngsters these days without socialization networks, applications and so on.

And the Internet era has definetely had its environmental ups and downs. Sure, computers tend to consume much energy, especially if they are plugged in all day long, and besides the energy bills, don’t wonder if you will wake up one morning with headaches, tired eyes or if your room tends to get extremely hot.

Here are some easy ways to save energy with your computer, help keeping the environment a greener place:

1. Customize your power settings

All laptops come with several power plans, to best suit your interests and most of them have on a default setting the “balanced” power plan which best uses your battery while keeping the performances of your laptop up. Yet, you can always go for the “Power saver” plan if your actions don’t imply using too much of the technology your laptop is up to. This way, you will save energy, power into your laptop battery and will still take the best of your laptop features if, again, you don’t need more to survive than a web browser, some online chatting programs or a music program.

2. Shut down your computer at night

…And unplug it. It is the best way to reduce your energy consumption because, even if it’s closed, by keeping it plugged in, your computer will continue to consume energy and increase your carbon footprint upon the environment.

3. Don’t use a screensaver

Having a unicorn prance across your monitor every couple of seconds might make you the coolest guy in the office, but it is not saving any energy. Instead, turn your computer into the sleep or hybernate mood to help preserve energy and battery.
4. If you’re buying new, buy a laptop
Because they are much easier to use, portable and specially designed to be more energy efficient.


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