Ahmadinejad Accused Bush Administration of Planning 9/11


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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues his erratic behavior towards the United States of America and its Western allied.

After showing that he was ready to provoke the clerical regime and commence negotiations with the United States over the head of the supreme leader, Ahmadinejad told the American population, indirectly, in a speech he gave at the U.N. General Assembly, that the then American administration was behind the attacks on 9/11.

Iranian president played on a conspiracy theory that had been going on for almost a decade, soon after the tragic events in September 2001.

Among the most celebrated such believers of the theory that Bush administration brought the twin towers down to gain an excuse to invade the Muslim world is the film maker Michael Moore, who dedicated one of the most interesting movies of his to the topic: Fahrenheit 9/11, in which he advocates at least a condoning of the actions, if not the organizing of them altogether by the Bush administration.

That is why, although they called Ahmadinejad’s allegations “abhorrent and delusional as they are predictable,” the White House and the State Department announced that these allegations are not going to lead to the abandonment of the desire to resume negotiations with the Islamic regime.

The State Department said that the U.S. didn’t give engagement to Iran because they believed what he said about 9/11, but because it was in the best interest of the country.

Ahmadinejad posited three theories on 9/11: the penetration of the U.S. intelligence by the terrorists; the orchestration of the attacks by some inside the U.S. security forces to the end of helping what he calls “the Zionist regime.”

Before he had a chance to set forth the third theory, that the terrorist attacked America and the Bush regime took advantage of the situation in order to proclaim his war against some Muslim states, the representatives of the United States and other ally countries, among which the European Union, left the room where the meeting was held.

The representative of Israel said that the reaction of the U.S. speaks for itself and that the Iranian President shouldn’t be allowed to speak at the U.N., because of his anti-Semitic remarks.

Some people are questioning the real reasons of Ahmadinejad, based on his political situation back home. Thus, it is believed that he is trying to divert attention by this proposition of negotiations with the U.S. He came to New York, some analysts say, weaker than ever, as criticism of his politics are mounting in Iran.

Other analysts question the seriousness of the proposition to begin negotiations, and especially whether Ahmadinejad is the right man to be talking to.11

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