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Do you like this story?, the major Internet retailer, is facing calls for boycott and public backslash since morning, when it decided to oust whistleblower site WikiLeaks from its servers.

Amazon was forced to make this decision as a result of the increasing pressure coming from American top officials, including Senator Joe Lieberman, who criticized the retailer site for hosting WikiLeaks, which published some documents highly embarrassing for the United States government.

Amazon did not make any comment on its decision to remove the controversial site from the server, but it would seem that the action was taken without prior noticing the administrators o WikiLeaks.

For that reason, WikiLeaks was down for the most part of the morning, and now is back up and is based in the Swedish city of Uppsala, having Bahnhof Internet AB as host.

WikiLeaks accused Amazon of having a problem with the first amendment and recommended them to go out of the business of selling books.

The decision of Amazon to banish Assange’s site from its servers has already sparked the reaction of many people around the world who vowed to boycott the site.

A number of groups, among which, have called for a formal boycott on Amazon, removing Amazon’s advertising links from its site as soon as the announcement was made.

Amazon’s hosting service allows all accounts to be banned at any time for whatever reason. However, banning this particular site at this particular time has definitely brought on an adverse reaction.

Senator Lieberman praised the action taken by Amazon, saying it is setting a standard for future issues.11

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