Aressted for DUI of vanilla extract


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A 48 year old woman from Germantown, Tennessee has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol after her car missed a curb and then nearly hit a telephone pylon. The police officers were shocked when they discovered that the woman who was unable to stay on her own feet because of alcohol drinking, but because of vanilla consumption. Kelly Moss received on Friday a 4000 dollars bond as a redeem for the fact that she was accused of DUI after drinking a combination of Diet Coke and a bottle of vanilla extract. However, the vanilla extract contains 35 percent alcohol by volume and she drank an 8 ounce bottle.
The police had found Kelly Moss leaning over the wheel of her car and, since she was not able to speak for herself, they searched the vehicle. They were surprised to find two empty containers there, but one of them carried alcohol: an almost empty 8 ounce bottle of vanilla extract and an empty bottle of Diet Coke. A resident from the area where Moss had the car accident declared that he saw her vehicle jumping over the curb and that he was sure that she would stop on the telephone pole. For Kelly Moss this is the third arrest related to driving under the influence of alcohol.


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