Barack Obama Consults Turkish PM on Libyan Unrest


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Barack Obama Consults Turkish PM on Libyan Unrest

Obama and Erdogan (

The United States President Barack Obama had a phone conversation with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the serious situation in Libya, where the president of this country uses force to crackdown on his own nation.Ad not set – click and set me here…

The White House says that the call made by Obama is one in a series of calls of leaders in the region (those who are in a stable position, all things considered) and is meant to give the president of the United States a solution for the crisis which escalates in the capital city of Tripoli, in spite of the fact that many regions in the rest of the country seem to have fallen into the hands of rebels, who are now organizing in the local communities to ensure that the order is being maintained and the minimal form of state is being preserved.

Barack Obama Consults Turkish PM on Libyan Unrest

Turkish Army (

The president of America and the PM of Turkey discussed about ways to deal with the Libyan crisis, after agreeing that the violence used by the government in this African country was unacceptable.

The two officials reaffirmed the human rights of the Libyans, including the one to peaceful assembly, free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny, promising to coordinate their efforts in order to come up with plans to solve the situation.

Among the measures convened was to ensure that the security of their citizens in Libya is guaranteed and that the Libyan government is being held accountable for what happened in the streets of the Libyan cities.

The two statesmen agreed to maintain a close contact for the duration of the unrest.

Since the wave of protest hit the Muslim world, Turkey’s stand in the region became more and more prominent, given that it is one of the fewest country in the region to preserve its stability because it is one of the authentic democracies in the Muslim world.11

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