Beta 6 Of Firefox 4.0 To Introduce Combined Stop/Go/Reload Button


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Mozilla's Firefox 4.0 is currently in beta.

Although we started out with Internet Explorer and Netscape as our only choices, today, us Internet users get to choose out of a higher number of browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Maxton or Opera. Despite having multiple options, most people will settle for either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Google’s Chrome is far less popular at the time being. The browser has however inspired Microsoft and Mozilla to completely change the design of their own products. Chrome is appreciated for its simple design which pretty much eliminates of all the clutter (high number of buttons, toolbars etc) and allocates more space for what users are most interested in, the actual page that’s being visited.

Internet Explorer is currently available in version 8 and most of its users are extremely pleased with it. Internet Explorer 9 will hit beta phase on September 15. In the meantime, Firefox 4.0 beta is already being tested. Right now, you’ll find Firefox 4.0 beta 4 up for download. Up to this version, Mozilla has included several new and exciting features. The browser now looks considerably better (that’s what I think, at least). Tabs were moved higher like in Chrome. A new feature called Panorama allows you to group certain tabs based on their topic, importance etc. Another feature called “Turn into App Tab”, allows you to select certain tabs (for example e-mail, Facebook etc) that you always want to keep open. Tabs that are market as App Tabs will start as soon as the browser starts. After beta 4, beta 5 is obviously the next version to be released. Mozilla has scheduled Firefox 4.0 beta 5 for this week but has already offered a preview of the upcoming beta 6.

Beta 6 is still being worked on and an early development preview of it seems to indicate that a new Go, Stop and Reload all-in-one button will be introduced. It looks like the button will be situated on the right side (at the end) of the address bar. The multipurpose button will turn green for ‘Go’, allowing users to navigate to a certain website, show the refresh mark when the page is loaded allowing users to refresh (obviously), and the stop button colored in red as the page is still loading. I’d personally have found it interesting for refresh to be colored in yellow, as you’d get a small traffic light like-button at the end of your address bar. Nevertheless, the button is highly appreciated, because it’s small and easy to use.

It also looks like the latest trend for companies developing web browsers is to move everything that was previously found on a toolbar, to a small menu on the right or inside the address bar itself. A lot of space on the top side of the browser goes to waste in the address bar. That space is purely used for displaying the address of a website. As you can tell by simply looking at the address bar in your browser right now (regardless of which browser you’re using), there is plenty of space on the sides for some other elements to be included.  For the same reason, most browsers are now ditching a separate search bar and including search straight in the address bar.

I’m personally looking forward to all of Firefox’ 4.0 beta versions and hope to see a lot more new and innovative features from the Mozilla team. If you got the chance of trying it out, what do you think Mozilla’s new browser should ad?11

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