Brooke Mueller Spent Thanksgiving In Rehab


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Brooke Mueller spent Thanksgiving Day in a sober house in Beverly Hills

If Charlie Sheen spent Thanksgiving with his former wife, Denise Richards and the couple’s two daughters, Brooke Mueller spent the holiday in a sober house.
Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from his third wife, Brooke Mueller, earlier this month. Well, it seems that Brooke spend Thanksgiving in a sober living facility, TMZ reported. She spent the night before the holiday in a hotel room in Los Angeles and in the morning, at about 10:00 AM on Thanksgiving Day, arrived at the facility center in Beverly Hills. However, this is not Brooke’s first rehab stint. She has been in and out of such centers in the past years and it seems that she is still trying to overcome her issues.

Well, if for Brooke Mueller Thanksgiving this year didn’t seem a very happy time, we can’t say the same thing about her soon to be ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. The “Two and a Half Men” star had a great time with his former wife, Denise Richards and his two daughters. The actress decided to invite Sheen for dinner because she wanted her young girls to spend more time with their dad. According to, it was a wonderful time “for them all to be together.”

But, both Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and Brooke Mueller were asked to testify in the case related to the assault charges Capri Anderson has filed against Sheen, linked of course, to the New York hotel room incident. Denise Richards was asked to talk on the case because she met Sheen and Capri Anderson earlier that night for dinner. The adult movie star actually claimed to have had a conversation with Sheen’s former wife. Denise Richards said that she will talk to the cops and say what she did that night and how she met Charlie Sheen and his date, but Brooke Mueller refused to make any statements on this case.

So, if Denise Richards will have to testify because she was actually there on the night of the events, being also in the same hotel as Sheen, Brooke Mueller was asked to talk on the case because of her own accusations against Sheen. Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty after being accused of assaulting his wife on Christmas last year. After the domestic violence charges and the trail on this case, Sheen was sentenced to 30 days in rehab and was placed on probation. However, according to The Vancouver Sun, “Brooke has nothing to add to the investigation and will refuse to meet with the NYPD.” It seems that investigators are trying to find similarities between the last year’s case and this new incident involving Sheen and Capri Anderson.

Well, if Capri Anderson claims Sheen attacked her and threatened to kill her, the actor has sued the porn star, saying she wanted to extort $1 million from him.11

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