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It’s been a while since Justin came with a new project. The singer launched his last single at the beginning of the year, but it seems that his acting career is going much better. And the 29 years old singer is also going to launch a new fashion collection.
Well, in fact Justin is improving his own fashion line, William Rast, created in collaboration with his childhood friend, Trace Ayala, by getting a whole new view. The two are going to partnership with Target in this fashion project. Target has had some interesting partnerships with famous designers, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Zac Posen or Proenza Schouler. These collaborations have given Target a certain prestige when it comes to fashion industry and from this point of view, Justin isn’t mistaken.

The new line will be launched this year, in December, and it will be available in stores for about a month. As usual, the pieces contained in Justin’s fashion collection will include denim, outerwear and sportswear for both men and women. As you can imagine, the collection includes casual clothing with numerous jeans and leather jackets.

Now, that Justin Timberlake will continue with his fashion project, he can also focus on other domains and this is exactly what the singer does. He will actually receive the main role in the thriller “I’m Mortal“, movie that will be launched in 2011. Directed by Andrew Niccol, the movie producer that also worked at “The Truman Show “, the much expected thriller has a huge budget.

So, in the last months, Justin seems to be focusing a lot on his acting career. Although the “I’m Mortal” project is probably the most important role for the singer, he was also cast in “The Social Network”, a movie about the creators of Facebook, the famous socializing network and also in the comedy “Bad Teacher”, where he is sharing the screen with his ex-girlfriend, Cameroon Diaz. However, in “I’m Mortal”, Justin will be playing his role along Amanda Seyfried, the 25 years old “Mean Girls” actress.

Justin Timberlake became first famous with the boy band ‘N Sync, but since then he has come a long way. He managed to won six Grammy awards and one Emmy, which is quite impressive for a 29 years old singer. He started his solo career in 2002 when he released the album “Justified”. Four years later he released his second album, “Future Sex/ Love Sounds”, and all the three singles contained in it became shortly after launching number ones in the US. Everybody knows SexyBack”, “My Love” and “What Goes Around… Comes Around”.

When it comes to personal life, Justin most famous relationship was of course the one with Britney Spears. Everyone thought they will always be together and that they will get married. Well, Britney decided that she received all she could get from this relationship and the two broke up after many rumors about Britney’s infidelity. Justin dated for a long time Cameroon Diaz, but it looks like she wasn’t the one either. But, until Justin announces another romance or until one of his movies’ release, what happened to the music? When will he launch another single? Justin definitely has numerous fans all over the world who are waiting for something new in his musical career also.11

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