Chandra X-Ray Discovery Possibly a Baby Black Hole


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Black Hole

The astronomers might have made one of the biggest discoveries in years. They believe that they took the picture of a black hole right after it has been formed. The astronomers witnessed the death of a star in 1979, as it exploded into a supernova.

They believe that the death of the star was not a usual one, as the explosion it caused might have been powerful enough to cause the development of a black hole. They are not sure that it is a black hole, but they have all the reasons to believe it. The gases which resulted from the explosion are consumed by “it”. Everything which is located in the proximity of the star is slowly being consumed. There was lots of mass around the star, and since 1979 when the star exploded; the possible black hole has consumed the equivalent of our planet in mass. Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb, stated that theoretically, the black holes can not consume a mass larger than that.

NASA astrophysicist Kimberly Weaver stated that we are impressed about it, because we see the Earth as being something incredibly huge. In comparison to the other planets and objects from space, the Earth is tiny, and because of this, the mass of Earth is not too large on a cosmic scale. The black holes are so dense that they consume everything, including the light. The scientists have stated that they have seen energy being pulled, or sucked into that thing, and as a result they are optimistic that it is a black hole. They have stated that energy is being released as the gas is sucked in. Loeb said that this is the first time when a black hole was seen forming from a supernova. He said that the experience is amazing, as it can not be reproduced in laboratory, so this is their opportunity to find out more about it. The black holes are pretty common in the atmosphere, or at least they are in theory.

This is the first time when they have the opportunity of seeing one from an infant stage, and thanks to the explosion of the supernova, they know the year when it was formed. Dan Patnaude of Harvard said that they can use the information in order to detect just how much mass is around the black hole. According to their calculations, the supernova which is exploded is 20 times bigger than the mass of our sun, and the black hole is 5 times bigger than the mass of our sun.  The scientists stated that the black hole is currently similar to a toddler, in the sense that it eats as much as it can in order to get big and strong. The image was taken with the Chandra X-Ray space telescope, and the news made sensations, as NASA announced that they will hold an urgent press conference on Monday 15th November. Some say that the discovery might be a pulsar wind nebula, but all the signs seem to indicate a black hole.11

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