Charlie Sheen To Be Back To Work


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Charlie Sheen To Be Back To Work

Charlie Sheen will return on the set of Two and a Half Men on February 28 (

Actor Charlie Sheen has finally made public the date when he will be able to return to work.Ad not set – click and set me here…
And, as already mentioned in a statement released earlier this month by his rep, Sheen’s rehab treatment will be completed by the end of February. So, there was no shock when the announcement that Charlie Sheen will return on the set of “Two and a Half Men” came. However, it seems that the production of the popular television show, which has been putted on hold because of Sheen’s need to seek treatment for his issues, will start again on February 28, Access Hollywood reported.

Charlie Sheen began a home rehab treatment on January 28. The star’s decision to take some time off and seek treatment for his issues was determined by his hospitalization after a 36 hour wild party held at his home in Los Angeles. But, as imagined, if Charlie Sheen was unable to attend work, the whole show had to be putted on hold. However, in an earlier interview this week, during a call that Sheen made on “The Dan Patrick Show,” the star claimed that he is doing really well, and although people may find it surprising that less a month after seeking treatment he has already been cured, Sheen just claimed he heals quicker than other people do. And the star also predicted the day of his return on “Two and a Half Men” set, as he claimed the show production will start sometime by the end of this month, on February 28.

However, now that things seem to have settled for Charlie Sheen, although it is hard to believe that the actor will stay away of trouble, his former wife, Denise Richards, decided to talk about Sheen’s behavior and issues. The actress said it is really hard for her to explain to her daughters their dad’s actions. According to Us Weekly, Denise Richards talked to The View about her former husband and the father of her two daughters. “This has been something I have dealt with for years,” the actress explained adding that there is nothing new after all, this being just “Charlie’s lifestyle.”

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards have two daughters together, Sam, aged 6, and Lola, who is 5 years old. “There are times where his life is more colorful than others, more public than others, and as the kids get older it’s a difficult thing,” the actress explained. She also added that “I have never had to deal with this and this was a subject I had hoped to talk with my children about as they got older. But it’s hard.” But, Denise has always been supportive with her former husband, being spotted visiting him during his treatment.

And now it seems that Charlie Sheen is also showing his support, but for another star that constantly manages to find trouble. So, Sheen offered his support to Lindsay Lohan and the young actress was very thankful for the kind words. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that Lindsay has totally agreed with what Sheen had to say. In fact, the actor claimed that Lindsay has to “work on her impulse control,” but according to a TMZ source, the young actress doesn’t believe she has self-control issues. Still, she appreciates Sheen’s support and advice. Sheen also said during his interview with Dan Patrick that Lindsay should “think things through a little bit before you do them.” If Sheen is the most appropriate person to give Lindsay advice or not is something that can determine some debates, but is surely seems that both stars are still creating headlines with their actions, although they are both saying to have overcame their issues.11

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