Chechen Rebel Doku Umarov Threatens Russia With a Sea of “Blood and Tears”


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Chechen Rebel Threatens Russia With a Sea of

Doku Umarov (

Chechen leader Doku Umarov has threatened Russia, in a post on a website, that its people are about to see a sea of “blood and tears” this year in case it does not leave the North Caucasus territories.Ad not set – click and set me here…

Umarov, dressed in military fatigue, with a cap on his head and a beard on his face, posted on Islamist website, saying that a “brother” would be sent to Moscow to carry out a special operation.

The analysts consider that the young man besides him in the video is the one who will be sent to the capital of Russian Federation to “wake up” Russians, and convince them to leave the breakaway republic.

Chechen Rebel Threatens Russia With a Sea of

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“We must carry out an operation that will wake you up,” Umarov said, and if this is not enough, others will follow, “God willing,” he said.

No reference was made in the video to the attack on Domodedovo airport, carried out a few weeks ago, when 36 people were killed, in what was one of the bloodiest attacks on Russia, an attack that bared the marks of North Caucasian terrorism, but whose responsibles have not yet been established.

The Domodedovo incident caused the president Medvedev to fire all security responsible in the international airport, not to mention the first serious disagreement between the two leaders of Russia, the president and the prime minister.

Umarov, 46, deems himself as the “emir of Caucasus,” and militates for the creation of a pan-Caucasian state in the region, formed by Chechnya, Dagestan and other Russian provinces in the region, and governed by sharia law.

In the video, that had no mark indicating when or where it was filmed, Umarov threatened to carry attacks on the people of Russia on weekly basis, “God willing,” until Russia decides to leave the zone.11

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