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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole spoke for the first time about her marriage to Ashley Cole in a two hours interview with Piers Morgan.
In her latest interview, the 27 years old singer also talked about her near-death experience with malaria, disease she suffered from after a trip to Tanzania. Although Cheryl Cole always refused to talk about her personal life, it seems that the singer finally made the decision to reveal some details of her divorce. “I was just a very heartbroken girl,” Cheryl said in Morgan’s show, Life Stories, the Daily Mail wrote.

However, Cheryl can’t say what determined the collapse of her marriage, but she says that she will always love her ex-husband. And despite the fact that Ashley cheated on her several times during their three years marriage, the two are still friends and talk regularly, Cheryl said. The divorce of Cheryl and Ashley Cole was finalized last month. “Once we get over this obstacle, I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley,” the singer said. “Looking back on it, I feel numb. We had a great marriage and a fantastic wedding day but I don’t know where it went wrong,” Cheryl added.

Ashley and Cheryl Cole

But, Cheryl refused to talk about her love life, as she didn’t make any comments regarding dancer Derek Hough, although rumors say that the two are more than just friends. “I am not confirming or denying anything. People can think he’s my boyfriend, people can think he’s my best friend.” Well, this is definitely not the answer that fans hoped to hear from their favorite star.

Regarding her near-death experience with malaria, Cheryl said that after doctors talked to her about her health status, she even wrote a will. They gave the singer just 24 hours to live as she fought the illness in hospital, Cheryl Cole said. Cheryl contracted the illness during a trip to Tanzania. “I thought I was going to die, I actually thought I was going to die. I thought if I’m going to die I want to die soon because I was in so much pain,” the star told Piers Morgan.

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole

However, the host of the show also asked Cheryl about her role on the judges’ bench on the “The X Factor” and her relationship with Simon Cowell. “I have a connection with him like no one else,” Cheryl said. “He is one of the most important people in my life. He just gets me,” she added. Cheryl first became a judge on The X Factor show in 2008 when she replaced Sharon Osbourne. “I knew she was going to be good because she speaks like normal people speak. People can relate to that. And I think that is the best sign of a judge,” Simon said about his colleague in an earlier interview.

But, despite the success and the fame Cheryl Cole has achieved, the singer says that “Sometimes I feel completely trapped.” “I just can’t go back to Newcastle and put on tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots,” the 27 years old singer mentioned.11

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