China, The Leader Of IPOs


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The markets in Asia are warming up the markets of initial public offerings, or IPO. The most active is China, whose companies have assured in the third quarter, 76% of the total volume of funds obtained from these operations. Overall, in the first nine months of 2010, on the world markets there have been recorded 888 transactions totaling $ 152.7 billion, a figure that exceeds the pointer on the entire previous year (112.9 billion dollars after 577 operations) . In the third quarter, despite market volatility and a reduction in business the volume of funds earned in the 286 international IPOs amounted to 52.7 billion dollars, compared with $ 46.8 billion achieved in the previous quarter. Asia remains the leader in terms of economic growth.

Asian issuers represented 83% of business volume in dollars (43.8 billion dollars in the IPO of 173). Chinese Issuer entered a new page in world history the history of the global IPO market. The mega-business launched the Agricultural Bank of China, worth $ 22.1 billion, has become the largest of its kind ever recorded in emerging markets, it accumulating nearly half (42%) of total funds obtained in July and August.

Approximately 50% of large IPOs in the third quarter transactions were made in emerging markets. In all cases, the issuers were Asian companies: China (eight operations), Indonesia (an operation) and India (an operation). A total of 10 businesses have returned to developed markets: USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the best

Following the IPO operations, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have attracted the most media in the history of these trading platforms. The best performance has posted a Shanghai Stock Exchange, with $ 15.6 billion between July and September. The second place was occupied by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with $ 14 billion (27% of the total funds obtained worldwide). Stage Three of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange returned with $ 10 billion. Engaging in a forecast, Ernst & Young Global experts say the “Shanghai Stock Exchange in the next quarters will maintain the current status of the world’s first trading platform displayed by volume gains. This does not indicate anything but a mature and increase its level of liquidity, “analysts have estimated.11

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