Danish Court Sentences Somali Man To Nine Years in Prison and Expulsion For Assaulting Mohammad Cartoonist


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Danish Court Sentences Somali Man For Assaulting Cartoonist

Kurt Westergaard (reuters.com)

A court in the Danish city of Aarhus sentenced on Friday Somali Muhudiin Mohamed Geele to nine years in prison followed by the expulsion from the country and the permanent ban to return to Denmark for attempting to murder one of the cartoonists who depicted the Muslim Prophet Mohammad in a way that drew rage throughout the world of Islam.Ad not set – click and set me here…

Geele entered the house of Kurt Westergaard with an axe and a sharp blade with the intention of killing him on New Year’s Day last year.

The sentence pronounced on Friday was on the counts of attempted act of terrorism and manslaughter.

Danish Court Sentences Somali Man For Assaulting Cartoonist

Geele’s Arrest (ekstrabladet.dk)

The court expressed that by this attempt to kill Westergaard the man wanted to strike terror and frighten the population of the country, thereby being perfectly qualifiable for act of terrorism.

The prosecution has asked for twelve years in prison, but the defense argued for six years and said they would file an appeal.

Geele has pleaded not guilty on both counts, saying that he only entered Westergaard’s house to frighten him.

HE was acquitted for another charge of manslaughter brought against him because he threw an axe at a police officer.

Westergaard became aware that someone had broken into his house on January 1, 2010, and ran to a secure room, where he stayed until the police he had called arrived and apprehended the assailant.

Westergaard’s cartoon presents the Prophet with a turban in the shape of a bomb, and was one of the cartoons that provoked intense criticism in the Muslim world.

Anyway, his cartoon drew the most of attention, forcing the Danish artist to leave in fear and awe for years.

Five men were arrested in Denmark and Sweden on December 29, 2010, for a “Mumbai-style” attack aiming at killing the cartoonists published by the Danish Jylland-Posten.

An attack staged in Stockholm on Christmas last year was intended to punish the Swedes because one of them was a colleague of the Danish cartoonist.11

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