Deputy Trapped Inside the Car by Bees


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Deputy Brandon Jenkins spent on the 17th of August around three hours trapped in his patrol car. Why is this? Well, he was actually trapped by 50,000 honeybees that “parked” on his car.

The sheriff responded to a call that asked for help as he may be attacked by bees. As he went to see what was going on, he found a truck on the U.S 64, just a few miles east of Raleigh, North Carolina. It was holding a trailer that had 60 boxes of bees.

The truck driver that was heading towards Rocky Mount, spent hours trying to get someone bound the trailer to the truck. That was when; the Deputy came in, with his Dodge Charger. Then he could see that the bees just escaped from their “nest”, probably due to the warmth that they must have been feeling. Arriving at the scene he was completely blown off by the big quantity of the bees that he has never seen anything like that before. “It was mind-boggling how many bees were out there,” Jenkins told CNN. Eventually, the vehicles were towed off, leaving him still in his Dodge.

The deputy was told and he actually took it for granted, that the bees, once the truck will start moving, will follow its footsteps. This is by no means a wrong interpretation.

What exactly happened is that the bees that could not be trapped back were drawn by the light color of the Dodge and therefore they just put over the vehicle and made it impossible to the sheriff to see outside the window.

To get the deputy out if this impossibility he was in, they used smoke on the bees and as well a spray bottle of sugar water. As this turns out into a sticky mix, it will make it harder for the bees to fly and therefore, they ill concentrate on themselves rather than on attacking the humans around.

Around six bees as well got into his car and he actually killed two of them as they came too close to him. This was another demonstration that bees stick one for another.11

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