Dior And Lanvin Say That The Crisis Is Over: People Buy Again


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The financial crisis is over for fashion industry

Fashion was never known to be affected by any crises besides the ones that are determined by the industry itself, but it seems that famous brands were actually feeling the effects of the financial issues that have affected the whole world in the past year.
So, although we may not see it, fashion has also been affected by the financial crisis. However, it has all ended now, as Christian Dior and Lanvin brands told that clients have started to buy again and they referred to both the catwalk and the shops, in Europe, Asia and also Russia. “People have started buying again,” Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano told Reuters. “It is true in Europe and in New York where I was last week.”

And if Dior’s representative said that people buy again their clothing pieces, Lanvin’s representatives are also sure that things are back on the right track. “For luxury, the crisis is over,” Thierry Andretta, the Lanvin Chief Executive concluded according to Reuters. “Consumption is back in Europe… and the market has picked up again in Russia… There was a time when our affluent clients did not want to spend, but now it is over.” Thierry Andretta also mentioned that the brand is now focusing on accessories which are the most profitable products nowadays, and actually one of the most profitable parts of fashion as a business, including handbags, jewelry and shoes.

“When I started with second skin… then I realized that fashion is not really about dressing your body, it is about dressing your heart and your head,” designer Alber Elbaz said after presenting the 2011 spring summer collection which was dominated by dress and skirts, all perfectly accessorized. Of course, Dior also presented his fashion line for the next season and from his point of view, next year’s fashion will be dominated by warm and tropical colors such as turquoise, bright green, fuchsia and canary yellow.

Which designer or fashion collection is the most successful one is not a question at which we can give an easily answer. Top brands and designers share the fame and spotlights and their success can be higher or lower depending on the show they manage to set or on the originality of the clothing pieces presented. For example, the Dior designer, John Galliano, said that his collection was inspired from the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty,” released in 1962 and which casts famous actor Marlon Brando, trying to bring this way a whole new approach to today’s fashion by reviving some clothing pieces worn in the 1960s.11

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