Eminem Most Liked Artist On Facebook


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Eminem Most Liked Artist On Facebook

Eminem is the most popular person on Facebook (supermuzica.net)

Now Eminem is the most popular person on socializing network, Facebook. The famous rapper is even more popular than Lady Gaga.Ad not set – click and set me here…
In fact, Eminem managed to beat Gaga when it comes to Facebook likes with about 5,000 more, as the star currently has 28.9 million fans on the popular socializing network, while Lady Gaga has about 28.87 million and was leading in the past eight months when it comes to this aspect. So, yes the rapper is the most popular living person on Facebook starting with Thursday afternoon. Still, Gaga should not be very sad because she lost in front of Eminem when it comes to Facebook fans, because the “Poker Face” singer still is the most popular person on Twitter. Lady Gaga currently has 8.4 million followers on Twitter, while Eminem has only 3.2 million.

But, Eminem’s popularity continues to grow, as the star won two Grammy awards earlier this month, after being nominated in 10 different categories for the awards ceremony. The 38 years old singer won Best Rap Album. He also managed to raise 1 billion views on YouTube, thing that has been also made so far by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber and it seems that Rihanna has all the chances to follow on that list.

But, although Eminem and Gaga are fighting to be the most liked person on Facebook, it seems that no one managed to top Michael Jackson, at least not yet, as the King of Pop currently has 29.13 million Facebook fans. But that may change, as Eminem’s fans keep on growing with the success of his latest album, “Recovery.” Still, “This new landmark follows a spectacular year for Eminem, with the release of ‘Recovery’ and wins at the Grammys matched by surging social media fame,” Daniel Dearlove at Famecount wrote. “Although Eminem cannot afford complacency; Lady Gaga knows how to command attention and the release of ‘Born this Way’ puts her back in the spotlight,” he added according to Popeater.com.

Anyway, Eminem has become the most popular living person on Facebook and his popularity increased over the past six months.11

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