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Much like Harry Mahtar said once “I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee.” And this gets to be the way many of us choose to orchestrate their mornings, letting the strong aroma of this brown chocolate liquid carrying in it such indisputable attributes as those of being “wet and warm”, pervade their entire morning and sometimes their entire day in search for the necessary energy to keep them in motion and with all their senses alert all day long. And much like an unknown author is supposed to have said once, I guess that in order for this awakening of the senses and all the cells of the body to be possible, one needs to make “serious coffee”, meaning one “so strong it wakes up the neighbors.”Ad not set – click and set me here…

Speaking about neighbors one may as well start picturing in his mind the neighborhood in which he or she may serve or has been served just about the best coffee. A coffee travel may really prove to be exhausting if thinking that it gets to cover large part of this world of ours, so big and yet so full of caffeine and coffee lovers as well. I may be mistaken as far as the multitude of coffee lovers gets to be brought into discussion, yet even though not all those who drink coffee happen to also adore this beverage they certainly come to enjoy the lingering moments when there gets to be nothing there but the taste of caffeine and the wishfully enchanting surroundings in which one serves that coffee. Did you have your coffee this morning? And if you have in what corner of the world did you serve it or was it served to you? Just to make a joke I could say that much like an Old Vaudeville Joke says if your coffee tasted like mud it must have been just because “It was ground this morning”.

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Much like Jonathan Swift chose to have his coffee in the absolute silence and peace of the mountains as the following verses suggest “A fig for partridges and quails, / ye dainties I know nothing of ye; / But on the highest mount in Wales / Would choose in peace to drink my coffee.”, you may as well feel free to drink your coffee wherever pleases you. If this happens on a top of a mountain, in a desert, in a forest, in an African safari or in a rather cosmopolite European capital, all the more relaxed you may happen to feel and you’ll also get to grab in the pocket of your mind as many memories as possible. Those memories may be about the places you’ve been, about the people you met there, about any new dance you just can’t wait to impress your friends at home with, about a certain catchy song or equally well about a certain taste.

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Thus your wish to linger over a cup of coffee tasting differently and certainly recalling different memories, memories of new places, new people and whole different cultures may take you to such distant places as Ethiopia, Hawaii, Cuba, Brazil, Costa Rica or in places residing in beautiful Europe. And while in Europe one may choose to sip his coffee in Paris or in Italy and even in Turkey or Austria. To many a morning without a coffee comes to be not a good morning, in facts not good at all. Drinking one’s coffee may sometimes turn out to be a ritual one without which many find it impossible if not sometimes unbearable to live without. Apart from water, many of the adults of this world have been introduced to and have become familiar with the secrets of coffee.

Coffee around the world (

Those mentioned above certainly find it worthy to, from time to time, to just journey far and wide in search of a distinct, tastier flavor and blend of coffee. And there certainly come to be plenty of blends and flavors to match each and everyone’s taste, yet these flavors become available once you reach a certain part of the world. As such, may you feel free or willing to embark on your own venturesome coffee adventure you should know towards which lands should your steps, though most probably the next plane, take you to.

Espresso (

As such, extremely important if not indeed vital when decreeing your first coffee destination proves to be the factor bringing in the amounts of coffee being produced there. And just by mentioning the word amounts one can crayon in his mind piles and piles of aromatic coffee, piles which he can certainly find in a country like Brazil “the biggest coffee producer in the world.”

Once you got to taste coffee in Brazil you may as well wish to taste an entire different type of coffee, one that “would taste more like dessert this time”. And there is no place better to taste this coffee than in Panama. I heard that there, coffee may carry with it certain notes of caramel or vanilla. Anyway in Panama, coffee certainly gets to be sweet, blending in it an entire palette of flavors. At least so I’ve been told…

espresso again (

The next spot or your busy mapping of coffee destinations should perhaps be Vietnam. Wait till you discover what you can find there in matters of coffee and you may decide afterwards if you wish or not to taste coffee in Vietnam! In case you have ever heard anyone mentioning a type of coffee called Weasel coffee then you should also be told that you will have the chance to taste this coffee once in Vietnam. On condition that you are willing to taste a coffee made from some beans that have just traversed the body of a weasel (being washed though once out)…then this is the place you have always but like always dreamed to wake up and be served your morning awakening magical liqueur. Wish to know the whole technique of coffee making? As I previously mentioned, the beans get to be washed first, afterwards grounded and brewed and in this way there results the divine, heavenly coffee carrying with it musky, smooth tones much like the ones being orchestrated in our mornings. Hopefully there may be many such mornings tasting like Weasel coffee, nowhere else but in Vietnam!

Heading towards Columbia you may also wish to browse the sweetness and “delicate aroma” of a type of coffee known as Colombian Supremo.

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Leaving Columbia, you may equally well enjoy your coffee, this time a coffee claimed to be the most expensive one in the entire world…namely Kopi Luwak, nowhere in the world but in Indonesia. Much like the flavored coffee tasted in Vietnam, this one gets to pass through the body of an Asian Palm Civet. It is believed that once it has become intimate with the body of this Civet, its taste will not be forgotten easily, never ceasing to be uniquely flavored.

Just what you needed: flavor and a coffee graciously sipped in a landscape that gets to be an integrant part of Vietnam or Indonesia or whatever other country that has some ties with a beverage that starts with “c” and ends in “offee”! Willing to try?11

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