Firefox 4 Beta Plan Gets Updated, Beta 11 In The Works


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Firefox 4 Beta Plan Gets Updated, Beta 11 In The Works

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Mozilla’s Firefox is the second most used web browser in the world, following the lead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.Ad not set – click and set me here…

Some won’t bother to try anything other than IE. That’s because it does its job perfectly. It lets you navigate the web, browse pages, set bookmarks… If Windows is your operating system of choice, you already have Internet Explorer installed. Why go searching for something else when a simple browser is all you need? Well, most of the people who’ve for one reason or another switched to Firefox discovered that it’s better, faster and has more tricks up its sleeve (add-ons, themes etc). There are plenty of reasons to try it out and there’ll be even more of them once Firefox 4.0 is released.

The thing is, Mozilla is really taking its time to finish the latest version of its browser. As we speak Firefox 4.0 is still in beta and build 10 has already become available for download. If we were to take into account Mozilla’s initial plans (with only 10 builds scheduled for release), this build should’ve been the last one. As it turns out, we’ll surely get to see build 11 as well and there’s a small chance we’ll get to see a build 12.

As Christian Legnitto, Firefox’s release manager explained on his blog: “If all betaN hardblockers are done by this Friday afternoon PST (2011-01-28) we will build beta 11 at that time. This is essentially staying on the previously posted plan.” He added that if on Friday there are remaining betaN hardblockers, the decision regarding build beta 11 will be deferred until Tuesday, the 1st of February, 2011. Finally, if all betaN hardblockers are done by next Tuesday afternoon PST “we will build beta 11 at that time” and there will be no planned beta 12.

Then again, if the company isn’t able to manage and resolve all hard blockers just as the current plan suggests, then beta build 12 suddenly becomes a pretty viable possibility. According to Legnitto, if on Tuesday the remaining hardblockers risk to land by Friday in the same week, beta 11 will be created and beta 12 will be included in the plan as well. Some of us are still looking forward for the browser to finally hit Release Candidate phase. It’s about time it did, anyway.

Firefox 4 has already received the feature complete level at the end of 2010. The latest beta build, Firefox 4.0 beta 10 added very few changes to the previous builds. The list includes: compatibility and stability improvements for people who are using Adobe Flash on Apple’s Mac OS X, improvements in memory usage and support for a graphics driver backlist that’s meant to improve stability. For a full set of features and more information regarding Mozilla’s Firefox 4.0 beta 10 take a quick visit here.11

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3 Responses to Firefox 4 Beta Plan Gets Updated, Beta 11 In The Works

  1. uploading says:

    Firefox is very distinctive.

  2. Sam says:

    Lol, what? Firefox has been leading M$IE since about January of 2009. I don’t know where you got your numbers, but has a very detailed history.

    Not to mention that Beta 10 implemented over 300 bugfixes. It’s fine if you don’t like Firefox, prefer another browser or just don’t like that Fx4 is taking a long time to release, but I find it unfair to make it seem like there is no reason. The Mozilla team is hard at work, and they’re making a free product. The least people who report on the browser could do would be to get an objective view.

    Peace, Love, Coexist

    • Iohana Georgescu says:

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your feedback :) The data is from StatCounter. According to them, in the US Internet Explorer is still in the lead with about 48.92% market share. It’s true that at the beginning of this month Firefox has managed to gain the lead in Europe but that’s a different story. More figures from various sources can be found on this Wikipedia page
      They all place IE in the lead.

      I wasn’t trying to criticize Mozilla or understate the time and work it’s putting into Firefox 4. As i’ve mentioned in my article, i do believe there are plenty of reasons to love Firefox and there’ll be even more once Fx 4 is out. Now, that Firefox 4.0 is really taking a long time to “cook”, that’s just a reality (but not necessarily a bad thing).