Google’s Eric Schmidt Holding Nexus S At The Web 2.0 Summit


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Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

We’ve talked about the Nexus S, the successor of Nexus One on previous occasions. Last time we checked Google had mentioned it had no plans to come up with a follow up model. Despite that, the endless number of leaked photos and information eventually reached the highest point of all time when Best Buy mistakenly posted some info on the handset. It’s hard to determine whether Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s appearance and presentation at the Web 2.0 summit was in any way affected by this slip of information of the retailer who will most likely sell the Nexus S in the future. We don’t even want to figure that out, actually. We’ll just stick to what we’ve found out about Google’s upcoming handset, the Nexus S, which was spotted in the hand of Google’s CEO.

Schmidt’s Nexus S was clearly running on T-Mobile and the CEO even mentioned that the handset would feature a technology we really didn’t expect. I’m taking about NFT features. Schmidt went ahead and shared his opinion on NFC. He said that he thinks it will be the end of today’s credit cards. Because some technology news sites are exceptionally good at what they do, Engadget’s team actually convinced Eric Schmidt to show them the device, even if for a short moment. The conclusion is that the new handset is quite slim (reportedly about as thin or thinner than an iPhone 4) and features a thinner area in the middle. A glossy plastic bezel resides on the front and houses an AMOLED screen. Volume buttons can be found on the left side. The back, as you may have expected, is made out of plastic.

The bad news is that we have no idea when this phone will be released. The good news is that it might happen on the same date we’ll get to see the new version of Google’s operating system dubbed Gingerbread. Google’s Eric Schmidt mentioned that the OS will show its gingery face in the “next few weeks” so I guess it won’t be long until we see the OS and the phone.

During the same event Schmidt also took his time to talk about Google’s Chrome operating system and how it will fit in on the market. Some people expected it to be the operating system of choice for tablet computers but then got a bit confused when the search engine giant revealed that Android would be optimized for those devices. Google’s CEO admitted that Chrome OS will finally be released in the next few months and equipped on Intel and ARM-powered netbooks. He added that the operating system was “designed around something with a keyboard”. What does this mean? That you’ll probably see it on laptops and netbooks. You might end up seeing it on tablets as well, because it’s open source and easy to adapt to other types of devices.

The next few months are bound to be quite interesting. We’ll be seeing Android Gingerbread for the first time, which means a lot because a lot of smartphones and tablets running it will also follow right after it. We’ll also have to find out what Sony Ericsson is cooking (so far Playstation phone, Android phones, WP7 handsets and a potential PSP 2) and what various companies have in store for us in terms of laptop/netbook and tablet computer innovation. Be sure to stick around to find out more about everything, as soon as those companies come up with the announcements or as more leaked information becomes available on the web.11

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