Hosni Mubarak Resigns Office


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Mubarak Resigns Office

Hosni Mubarak (worldpress.ro)

Media reports announced on Friday evening that Mubarak has resigned the office, news confirmed soon after by Vice President Suleiman on Egyptian national television, who said that, before leaving, Mubarak had established a supreme council which would lead the country through transition.Ad not set – click and set me here…

Unconfirmed reports say that he has left Egypt and went to his house in Sharm El- Sheik. Some say that he even left the country.

Situation continued to be tense on Friday, after the huge disappointment of the people in Tahrir Square last night reached paroxysm as the incumbent president Hosni Mubarak announced he was not going to leave office, but delegated some power to the Vice President Omar Suleiman, to ensure a transition to the next elections, scheduled to be held in September.

People had been told from various sources that last night’s speech was going to be one in which Mubarak would announce that he was going to listen to the wish of his people and step down from office.

After the speech people manifested their frustration even waving shoes at the president, which is the ultimate insult to a Muslim.

Some of them marched toward the presidential palace, which is miles away from downtown of Cairo and others remained in the Tahrir Square, where they said they would be staying until Mubarak has left office. “He goes first, then we go,” people were shouting.

Later in the evening, the Egyptian ambassador to Washington explained on CNN television that according to the constitution Mubarak had entrusted Omar Suleiman with the entire authority, except for the rights to reshuffle government and to dissolve parliament, rights that can not be exercised by no one write now, given than a state of transition is in force until next elections.

The ambassador explained that while Mubarak remained the de jure president of Egypt, Suleiman is the president de facto of the northern African country.

However, this state of affairs did not seem to have satisfied the people of Egypt who gathered in about a million in Cairo and the country to make sure Mubarak leaves.

On Thursday, the army had promised the people in the square that their demands would be met, that is including the one referring to the ouster of the president, which seems the most important one.

On Friday, the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Army has decided to end the state of emergency as soon as the circumstances allowed; decide on appeals against elections; ensure that correct presidential elections are being held; sponsor the legitimate demands of the people and ensure that the transition goes without incident toward democratic way of life; emphasize on no pursuit of honest people who fought corruption and demanded reform; urges the need to return to the normal way of life, especially in the institutions of the state.

All these provisions were explained in a statement release by the army, which plays a very important role in the country, and had warned last week Mubarak to “go in peace” because they “loved him and did not want to shoot him like Ceausescu.”

On Friday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that a new Middle East is being carved out with no influence of Israel and the United States.

He added he had backed the revolutions throughout the Middle East, in the Arab world, and instigated the people that rallied today in Tehran, on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Ahmadinejad warned the Egyptians to be careful and not so quick in accepting the help of the United States of America.

Israel fears that the ouster of Mubarak leaves Egypt at the mercy of Islamic fundamentalism, as the Muslim Brotherhood is the most important opposition force in the country.

The ouster of Mubarak is likely to boost the wave of change in the other Arab nations in the region.11

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