Hundreds of Thousands Protest in the Streets of Egypt


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Hundreds of Thousands Protest in the Streets of Cairo

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Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on Monday in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and other cities,  in scenes that have never been seen in an Arab country before, demanding that the president Hosni Mubarak leave the office.Ad not set – click and set me here…

The number of people who took it to the streets today was positively influenced by the announcement made by the Egyptian military, which pledged on national television last night that the army forces would not fire on their own people.

Thus, analysts consider this is the largest shake-up movement in Egypt since 1952, when the former king was deposed.

Reuters reports 200,000 in Tahrir Square on Tuesday, while 20,000 took it to the streets of Suez, while other people protest in Alexandria and other cities. Effigies of the president were hanging in the central square of the capital.

Hundreds of Thousands Protest in the Streets of Cairo

Protest in Egypt (

People in the streets were telling Mubarak to go to Saudi Arabia or to Bahrain, reminding him that the people do not want him anymore.

The aspect of Tahrir Square on Tuesday was very different from the one on Friday, when the people were beaten up and teargassed by the police. There are reports that people are more like in a celebration mood than in a revolutionary one.

The people were talking about moving toward presidential palace, but so far this has not happened yet.

Young unemployed, Muslim Brotherhood, urban poor people, doctors and teachers all protest against the regime that brought them together in the streets of the capital.

Meanwhile, the president hasn’t been seen since Friday, when he addressed the people on television and sacked the government.

On Monday, the vice president of Egypt, appointed by president on Friday, called the forces involved in this crisis to dialogue.

The opposition has been divided under Mubarak, with only the Muslim Brotherhood being a strong group. However, many Egyptians disregard the idea of an Islamic cabinet, given that Egypt is one of the lay states in the Muslim world.

There are reports that say that the overall number of protesters is of one million, as promised a day before. Other reports say the number would be completed shortly, as the people continue to gather.

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