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We know that time is running increasingly faster and we have time to do only fewer things during a day. We cannot figure out how everything goes so fast, leaving us behind. Many of us work, study, but we need also to socialize, to communicate with friends, to correspond. How else would this be better if there were not quickly in time? Thanks to the WorldWeb website, we managed to find two solutions to our problems related to shortening the time needed for delivering certain tasks, for completing different projects and for taking care of ourselves. If you don’t take a short break once in a while, you will become a vegetable who does not know anything else but to work, work and work. And when you need to take a serious break, then don’t take it in front of your computer. Go somewhere in a park or walk through the city. This way, you’ll protect your eyes and you will think more clearly.

The answer for reducing the time spent reading your e-mails would be a good manager (application) to take care of all your accounts, you will import the correspondence (emails) into one of the social networks and all the messages will appear there. Even more, is it not enough to get everything in one place and also send messages from a single place? I guess it is. For all these things it was created  Inbox2 program designed to save you time and manage all the important information your e-mail accounts hold. The system which proved to be very beneficial for the ordinary Internet users incur a handling real-time, fast, safe with these networks: Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Exchange, Hyves, Hotmail, Yammer, LinkedIn, and connect with all the platforms / services offered by IMAP or POP3 protocols.

Inbox 2 is good at collecting  emails, information, and also the attachments that you have on your accounts. With a little attention, Inbox 2 will do the job as anointed with no problems. The application is in beta stage, which means that small problems can occur at runtime. You don’t have to worry too much, because the developers of this application are as motivated as they can be  to move forward and that thanks to the success that it has worldwide. You can download the Inbox 2 here :, it is free and made available to all but especially to those with little spare time!

We live in troubled times: time seems to move increasingly faster, the boss needs you in permanent movement, your lover waits for your attention, the family life is not easy, the beer with your friends or gossip with your friends can not miss – and all of these, collected, turn into agitation, stress, giving the feeling that you lose control over your life and they generate a permanent bad mood. To avoid all these troubles, you need a better organization and time management and set clear priorities. Until recently, the people used pshychologists or trainers to solve these problems, but now the solution has another name: Preceden Timeline.

Preceden Timeline is actually a web application, rolled directly from the browser, which allows you to devise some “Timelines” ; it has an advanced management system and generates a graph of time after which you can guide at any time. The application offers a friendly interface: you can register for free and insert your activities and time, home deadline, the priority level (low, medium, maximum), and after the introduction of the personal data, you can have an overview of the busy schedule to which you have to cope!

After entering your personal data with activities for a certain period of time (hours, days, weeks), the application will generate a graph that you will notice every time when you will enter Preceden. You can watch the activities that interfere with other activities, and choose what is the most important activity and what is the most important event. It is important to note that Preceden Timeline, or the “virtual book”, allows you to organize everything in a secure, private way, with access by password, or may be publicly displayed if you choose to share the information with others. The online application comes in English, but is implemented in an intuitive menu that lets you use the service with low knowledge in English, if you don’t know this language too good. To access click here http: //

Another application that can save you some time is Google Star. This is not actually an application in the true sense of the word, but it will definitely help you to accomplish your daily tasks quicker. The “information” and “search” for us today is  synonymous with “Google.” An announcement on Google’s official blog, to all search engine users, said : “Stars make the search more personal “. But what is Google Stars? It’s a free service made available to those registered with an account from Google. Next to each search is shown a yellow star, which will help you get search results more relevant and at the same time, you can make something fun out of it.

Let us imagine that the holiday period is approaching and you want something original and simple to buy to your loved one. Internet is full of commercial products, but try to find something nice using Google. You found an interesting item on a website, but then you close the page, digging deeper into the Internet. At one point, after many searches, you do not know what you found earlier, because you changed many keywords and now you cannot remember where You found that information which is super important for you now. If you had used the Google Stars, your informatiojn would had been saved.11

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