Iranian President Announces Readiness to Talk Nuclear File


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Iranian President Announces Readiness to Talk Nuclear File

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Speaking during a visit to the Kerman province, the president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that his country could engage in negotiations with the Western countries about its nuclear programs, but added that it order for him to do so, the West should change “foul” attitude toward Iran.Ad not set – click and set me here…

He said that the Western countries were causing obstacles to peace process, referring to the sanctions imposed by West against his country. Iran and the most important six world powers have had their last round of negotiations over the nuclear program of Iran last year, and they were unsuccessful.

European Union and the United States suspect that the Islamic republic is developing a nuclear program and have imposed a series of economic sanctions on Tehran, in hopes that it would at least slow its project down, if not stop it altogether.

The United States has imposed sanctions on the transactions with the Iranian central bank, so that no state may do business with the Iranians and then presume to do the same with the United States.

The sanctions were meant to bring down the Iranian national currency, which they did in a first instance. The measure was met with resilience by some countries, like China, which said that the American sanctions represented the projection of the American law over the territory of a free state.

Turkey also announced that it was not ready to impose sanctions on Iran unless they came recommended by the United Nations.

The European Union joined the United States in imposing sanctions on Tehran in the wake of a report issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which said it had evidence that the Iranians had another uranium enriching facility deep in some mountains.

The European Union decided on Monday to impose an embargo on oil, and are now convincing other countries to respect the embargo. The embargo has been declared by Japan too, which has engaged in talks with the Saudi Arabians to buy oil from them.

Iran has been showing off for the passed few months, pretending that the sanctions had no effect on them, but they threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, and thus cause the oil price to go sky high. The threat caused the U.S. army to send another of its aircraft carriers in the region.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself downplayed on Wednesday the importance of the sanctions imposed on his country, saying that they hurt more Europe than Iran.

An American institute for international security said that there is no indication right now that Iran is producing the nuclear weapon, based on the limited capacity the country has to produce such technology.

The institute issued a report in which it asserts that Iran could produce such weapon only if it had the means to make it quick and secretly.

The controversy surrounding Iranian military program brought the tension to a simmering point last year, when Israel made ready for a military strike against Iranian nuclear plants. The option was not embraced by the United States, which is expected to back such action if it is to stand a chance of success. The U.S. favored economic sanctions as a means to apply pressure, but the military option is said to be on the table.11

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