Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Jail?


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Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Jail?

Lindsay Lohan will face jail if she accepts a plea deal (

Lindsay Lohan’s court hearing on the case involving grand theft charges took place on Wednesday.Ad not set – click and set me here…
Well, it seems that there isn’t good news for the actress, as she may face jail after all. Lindsay Lohan was accused of stealing a $25,000 necklace from a jewelry store, although the star claimed she is not guilty. “This case does involve jail time, period. If you plead in front of me — if this case resolves in front of me — you are going to jail,” the judge told the actress according to The Boston Herald. “There might be an issue about the amount of time, but if the case settles here, you will be going to jail” Judge Keith Schwartz mentioned, also adding that “I don’t care that you are Lindsay Lohan.” And it seems that the actress will most likely face six months in jail.

Well, this means that if Lindsay will accept the plea deal she will definitely face a jail stint. The star has about two weeks to decide how she will handle things, as her next court hearing was set for March 10. Lindsay was present in court for the hearing with her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley. However, any plea deal will lead to jail, as the judge told Lindsay that if the case will be settled she can not avoid prison.

So, which is Lindsay’s other option? She can opt to go to trial and convince a jury that she is not guilty. The star claimed that she borrowed the necklace form the jewelry store, and she had the permission to do so. However, she only decided to return the necklace once she found that a search warrant was issued on her name and cops were about to search into her home. The star claimed she just forgot to return the missing jewelry. The actress also added that the deal was made with the storeowner for publicity purposes.

Lindsay Lohan already pleaded not guilty to the grand theft charges and it has already been reported that all the actress is looking for is to avoid jail. She currently is free on bail after posting $20,000. However, the star’s problems seem far away from ending. She currently is on probation after being released from rehab on January 3. The star was sentenced to three months in rehab after violating her probation. At her last court hearing the judge warned Lindsay that she will be sent to jail if she can not stay away of more troubles. The star’s probation was linked to her 2007 driving under the influence of alcohol arrest. She has already been sentenced both to jail and rehab for not being able to stay away of more problems. The star failed a drug test in September. But, in fact this is not the first time when Lindsay is accused of stealing. The 24 years old actress was also linked to the disappearance of a $12,000 mink coat from a night club in New York in 2008 and a Rolex watch that was stolen from a friend in 2010, according to Still, this is the first time when Lindsay is officially accused.

Well, if Lindsay Lohan will accept the plea deal and if she will decide to plead guilty to the charges, it will mean that she violated her probation and that will definitely lead to jail time. The judge also mentioned that he will ask for a psychological evaluation of Lindsay to help him determine the most appropriate sentence. However, the star will not receive in any way a special treatment, the judge mentioned, adding that he doesn’t care she is Lindsay Lohan.11

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