Is Naked Yoga A Healthy Practice


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People who are fond of yoga have discovered that there is a new, more interesting way to practice it - by taking their clothes off

Yoga dates as back as ancient India and it is the kind of practice which helps the body become one with the spirit. Ad not set – click and set me here…

Throughout time, people have engaged in yoga practices in order to free their minds and their spirits and now it seems they want to free their bodies too. They want to deprive them of clothes. The newest trend in the yoga fashion is that people should perform the practice while being naked. Although for some people appearing naked in a public space may be stress-inducing rather than stress-relieving, those who have engaged in the practice said that naked yoga contributes to the boost of their self-esteem and it also helps people accept and celebrate their bodies.

According to Isis Phoenix, a yoga instructor at Naked Yoga NYC in New York City, doing yoga while naked, helps people free themselves from the constraints of life, it helps them let go to all the bad things. Although she has seen people being very ashamed or inhibited and not wanting to take their clothes of at first, Phoenix said that she saw so many metamorphoses in these people after they decided to relieve their bodies from the burden that clothes put on them, that there should be more and more people trying it.

According to Phoenix, the most important part of the class is represented by the first 15 minutes, when people have to get naked. This is the time where they get liberate from all the burdens and they should not fear getting naked, because no one will point or laugh at them. Phoenix said that these 15 minutes are very important because this is the time when the change happens in these people.

Given that yoga is a very fashionable practice right now, Phoenix thinks that there will be more and more people who will try to engage in the practice. Since she has been practicing naked yoga in 2007, many people have come and gone from her yoga studio and they seemed to be very happy with taking their clothes off and stretching in front of others. Still, there is the problem of sanitation that comes to mind. If you want to engage in this new and very famous practice, you should make sure that you have your own mat to do it on, otherwise, it may get tricky.11

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