Israeli Website Says Qaddafi Captured By NATO Special Forces


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Israeli Website Says Qaddafi Captured By NATO

Qaddafi's Dead Body

Acting Prime Minister of Libya Mahmoud Jibril on Thursday confirmed that Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi was shot in a crossfire between his loyalists and the National Transitional Council troops. He said that the former leader was apprehended by the NTC troops soon after the fall of Sirte but that he died on the way to the hospital.Ad not set – click and set me here…

NATO is expected to put an end to the bombing campaign now that the colonel Qaddafi is no longer a threat. The political body that governs NATO will be assembled to decide the end of the Libyan operation.

While the people of the north African country rejoiced in a very specific way at the hearing of the news that their former president had been killed, Mahmoud Jibril said that his colleagues and he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Footage showed the people dragging the body of the Colonel Qaddafi through the streets. It was not clear from the footage whether he was dead or alive at that time.

Jibril told the press that a forensic examination had determined that Qaddafi died of the bullet wound. He said that as the city of Sirte fell to the revolutionary, he wanted to leave by car but that he was shot in the head by a bullet.

This is now the official story, though over the day others circulated as well. A revolutionary boasted that he had found him in a drainage pipe and that upon seeing him the colonel had shouted “Don’t shoot!” The European and American press presented all day long images of the pipe in question. Another version was that he was shot in the legs, and yet another that he died after being struck by a NATO bomb.

The body of the colonel was taken to Misrata, after the Libyan NTC announced that it was hidden for safety reasons. That was before the televisions showed the revolutionary dragging him in the streets.

Conflicting news come on the whereabouts of Seif al-Islam, the heir apparent of the regime. Seif is said to have been wounded and carried to a hospital. There are reports about the death of Mutassim, another son of Qaddafi’s. A body in the streets of Sirte has been identified as Mutassim’s.

French defense minister Gerard Longuet explained that the bombings the NATO jets had executed on Thursday were of warning, so that the convoy of vehicles may not leave the city.

The world leaders reacted to the news of the death of colonel Qaddafi, most of them saying that it was a day when the Libyans must begin reconstruction.

Israeli Website Says Qaddafi Captured By NATO

Qaddafi's Dead Body

President Barack Obama said that it was a “momentous day,” while prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron said it was a day to remember for all of the victims of Qaddafi.

Obama called Qaddafi’s death and his rule a painful page in history, and his removal a success for American foreign policy. He praised the NATO personnel belonging to the U.S., saying that without putting one American soldier on the ground, “we have achieved our objectives.”

He remembered that he had been a longtime foe and that he had been involved in some of the terrorist attacks that jolted the world decades ago.

He mentioned that the rule of the tyrants inevitably comes to an end alluding to the situation in Syria, where Bashar al-Assad commits atrocities far worse than those of Qaddafi.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pulled a “Wow!” upon hearing about the death of the Libyan leader. Later on she added to it that his demise was a “sigh of relief.”

While some world leaders don’t seem to have a problem with enemies being exterminated without being brought to justice so that their guilt be established by a court of law, other countries reacted as well to the news of the death of one of the most controversial people in the world.

Chinese foreign ministry’s spokeswoman said that Qaddafi’s death must bring stability and an inclusive process of reconciliation for the nation.

The Chinese outlets, controlled by the state, said that the death of Qaddafi concludes the “era of a madman.” This is a strange change of language, considering that China was at first opposed to the actions between Qaddafi, then went to a stage where he was called the strongman of the country.

Iran hailed the death of the former leader of Libya and maintained that it hoped that once he was dead the NATO operation would conclude and they would leave the country.

A different account of the facts, however, is offered by Israeli military intelligence analysis website, which is said to have sources related to Mossad and to have about 80% predictions come true in his history since 2000, and was little enthusiastic about Qaddafi’s demise, saying that by it Libya will still be opened to power struggle.

Israeli Website Says Qaddafi Captured By NATO

Qaddafi's Dead Body

Debka reminds that Qaddafi comes from a powerful tribe and that the other members of the tribe will not rest until they have avenged the death of their most illustrious representative.

The situation is all the more difficult, Debka considers, since NTC has displayed no capacity to unite the tribes and the different interests of the people of Libya around a national project.

In the eyes of the Israeli commentator, Qaddafi’s demise unleashes a bloody upsurge of violence, and for NATO is no more than an opportunity to pull out before everybody turns on everybody there.

Debka also reports that according to its military sources Muammar al Qaddafi was apprehended by a NATO special forces unit, which apparently shot him in both legs so that he may not escape and informed the Misrata militia about it, knowing that they would kill him, considering the revenge they were seeking for the bombardments on their city.

Debka says that in doing so, NATO troops did not want to breach the mandate they had and be seen on the ground, and wanted to give the NTC a psychological victory after they had failed to conquer Sirte.

If Debka’s report is accurate, then the first version of his death is confirmed, and the “victory of the Libyan people” is no more than a spectacle, making Clinton’s “sigh of relief” extremely undemocratic.

Debka brings to their argumentation on fact that is for sure: the NATO has expressed on many occasions that as long as Muammar al-Qaddafi was alive the NTC had no chance to act as the real government of the country.

In the meantime, the NTC is ready to announce the people in Libya the formal end of conflict and their victory on Saturday.11

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