Italy Bans Burqa and Niqab


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Italy Bans Burqa and Niqba

Difference Between Burqa and Niqab

The Italian constitutional affairs commission approved a draft law that bans the wearing of the veil in public for the Muslim women. The draft, which was approved on Tuesday, expands a law that had been past ten years ago, by which for security reasons people were banned from wearing masks or any other face covers in public places.Ad not set – click and set me here…

By this draft, Muslim women will be prohibited to wear burqas, niqabs or any other garment that would cover their face.

Women that cover their face will be fined according to this law, while those persons who force women to wear veils will face 12 months in jail.

Italy Bans Burqa and Niqba

Burqa in Italy

Italy approves this law after France and Belgium and a city in Spain did the same thing years ago, and the draft was sponsored by a Morocco-born member of Berlusconi’s party, which said she wanted to help Muslim women integrate into the Italian society.

The law project has already been deemed by Islamic organizations living in Italy as unjust and violating the law and the freedoms of the people.

The spokesman for the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy said that there were only 100 women in Italy wearing the veil, and added that the burqa case was a criminalization and a dramatization made by the media.

The spokesman added that by this law the devout women would be cut off from the Italian society, because they would not be able to appear in public.

Human rights activists on the other hand consider that by this draft the suffering of many women comes to an end.11

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