John Galliano Dismissed From Dior


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John Galliano Dismissed From Dior

John Galliano was fired from Dior because of the racist comments (

Dior Fashion House has decided to take action against their famous designer, John Galliano, who has been accused of making racist remarks.Ad not set – click and set me here…
It seems that the reason why Dior has taken this decision is linked to the fact that they want the fashion empire’s image to not be associated with the anti-Semitic statements made by their designer. However, the French police are still investigating the case and the allegations on Galliano’s comments, as the designer claimed that the accusations are not true.

Well, unfortunately for Galliano a video of him was obtained by the media, and so it became available on the internet, and once being made public, a decision on this matter was taken by Dior. A statement was issued on Tuesday announcing the Fashion House’s decision to fire Galliano due his “odious behavior and comments.” “I condemn with the greatest firmness the comments made by John Galliano, in total contradiction with the essential values which have always been defended by Christian Dior,” the statement issued by the Dior chief executive, Sidney Toledano, said according to the Los Angeles Times.

John Galliano has actually been suspended from Dior since the incident was first made public, but Dior’s decision was taken on a limited period of time, during the investigations on the case. However, in the expectancy of the results of the police investigations, it seems that Dior representatives took the decision to fire Galliano. And all is of course linked to the video posted on the internet on Monday. Anyway, Galliano’s designs were supposed to be on the catwalk for the fashion show that is set to take place on Friday, during Paris Fashion Week. Still, it remains unclear if his collection will be presented or not, now that the collaboration between the two parts has ended. John Galliano had been working for Dior in the past 15 years. Still, reports claim that despite the scandal the show will go on as planned.

John Galliano has been accused of launching racist comments against a couple during an incident that took place in a bar in Paris. Another woman then claimed a similar incident happened with her back in October 2010, but she decided to not make it public at that moment because she believed that the popular designer was drunk. The woman also claimed that Galliano picked on her with no reason at all. In the video Galliano appears to be drunk and he makes some shocking statements saying that he “loved Hitler” and that the ancestors of two off-screen women should be “gassed … and dead.”

And, as imagined, many people were outraged to see the video that has already became very popular. Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman was one of them. The star claimed to be “deeply shocked and disgusted by the video.” According to People magazine, the “Black Swan” star actually issued a statement on this matter, as she currently is the face of Dior Chérie perfume. Her reasons to issue the statement was to make clear that she will not “be associated” in any way with Galliano. She also mentioned that she is “proud to be Jewish.” However, the famous designer remains under investigation in two separate cases, so we will see if he finally manages to clear his image.11

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