Kitsu Saga – Legends And Games Combine To Offer Us The Perfect Virtual World


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Kitsu Saga  -  Legends And Games Combine To Offer Us The Perfect Virtual World

Kitsu Saga (

We all imagine how is to have a magic creature to serve us all the time and protect us from evil forces. We often wonder if things might be different from we know them to be.Ad not set – click and set me here…

We know that in Japan at each temple there are a number of animals, which guard the gate of the temple. Usually those animals are either cats, but in most parts of Japan, the animals are foxes, because it’s believed that they have great powers and are highly respected as animals in the Japanese culture.

We would like to see how the spirit foxes look likes, and what can they do for us. In the Japanese mythology, the faces of the sacred animals resembled humans but they had a specific look, as in having a tail and sharp ears and teeth. They usually served the temple and accompanied the priests as their protectors, and they had magical powers and they could undo curses.

The whole word for the fox in Japan is kitsune but if we encounter it in games, it might be shorter. If we search games that are, inspired from the ancient mythology and want to see how it’s like to see ancient things transformed into a virtual world and be able to taste the action in this kind of game.

If we like to see how we can do that, we might want t take a look at the game called Kitsu Saga. This game is based mostly on martial arts, as we know that in Japan there is a tradition in practicing the martial arts especially karate.

This game as we can see if we are interested in playing it, it’s an MMORPG game type and in which you have to find the courage of fighting the evil forces that you encounter. Divided into regions and towns the game is unique, and the players that enter this realm are all the time accompanied by a spirit fox.

In this game, we can find a number of eight classes also called the disciples and who can have a lot of skills and paths to follow for their growing.

Order of the Iron Claw is the main branch of the game, we also have as a branch the Flamewind Society, and these contain the classes that we are going to talk about shortly.

The Order of the Iron Claw contains the following classes:

Godhand Style is the class that trains to be the tanks in battles and to be forefront in battles. The Godhand Style class and the fighters in it use sabers and other duel weapons to defeat their enemies. They have a strong growth in the game.

Clearmind Style trained to keep the group alive by providing healing spells and buffs in battles, is very useful to the others player in the party. These characters use swords in combat and have a mystic growth as characters.

The class of Cloudstrider Style learn how to control the elements if nature especially the lighting and the wind. These fighters use weapons and polerams.

The next class on our list is the one that teaches the Mistsong Style, which is a unique style of combat because it uses throwing weapons in combat and has access to powerful transformations. They can have fast or string growth.

Flamewind Society branch contains the following:

We have the Asura Style trained to summon and call spirits to help in battles. These players can use dual weapons and polearms and they can have a tough or fast growth in the game.

The style called the Watermoon Style is the style that teaches you how to manipulate the element of water and how to buff the allies that you have in battles.

Kitsu Saga  -  Legends And Games Combine To Offer Us The Perfect Virtual World

Kitsu Saga (

The Astral Omen Style contains the assassin’s class that master the art of poisoning. These fighters master the usage of swords and sabers. They can have a strong growth in the game.

The last class in this branch is the Heaven Sword Style that teaches you how to reject magic and how to rely on your arms to defeat your opponents in battle. The character uses swords in the game and in battles.

The game Kitsu Saga has many things to offer to the ones interesting on playing this type of game and you can explore many territories in the game.

The sole problem in that this game has repetitive quests and gameplay and has a plain interface that sometimes causes boredom.

Anyway to those that are interested in testing the game, and seeing how it really works, this is an opportunity to see parts of the Japanese culture and the martial arts that are used in reality maybe.11

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