Lindsay Lohan Stays Sober


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Lindsay Lohan Stays Sober

Lindsay Lohan claims she has been sober, although she attended some parties (

In the past few days Lindsay Lohan has managed to stay away of the spotlights, but that did not keep the actress away from new rumors.Ad not set – click and set me here…
It seems that rumors linked to Lindsay Lohan claim the actress hasn’t been able to stay sober, thing that Lindsay strongly denies. The star says she really doesn’t drink. “I did not drink… period. I do not drink… period,” Lindsay Lohan said according to a TMZ report. But, the 24 years old actress was linked to those rumors after being spotted at different parties. However, Lindsay claimed that although she attended the events, she never started drinking again. And the TMZ report confirmed that Lindsay used no alcohol at the events she attended.

And if Lindsay is telling the truth, she definitely has taken the right decision as her legal troubles are far from ending, the star also still being under probation. Lindsay Lohan has been released from rehab on January 3, after a three months stint within Betty Ford Center. The star was sentenced to the rehab stint after violating her probation. And in fact one of the terms of her supervised release say that Lindsay must submit to drug and alcohol tests. So, there is no wonder that after being spotted at several parties near New York City, reports claimed that Lindsay has been drinking and so that  she violated, again, her probation. However, as already mentioned the actress denied the reports.

The actress currently is under investigation for a case involving assault allegations, as a Betty Ford employee claimed the actress punched her while refusing to submit to an alcohol test. Lindsay, as imagined, said the accusations are not true, but detectives are still investigating the case. And in fact this isn’t Lindsay Lohan’s biggest legal problem. The actress is also charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. The star, of course, said she is not guilty and in fact the jewelry store gave her the necklace on loan, and then they reported the piece missing, the actress claiming it was all only a misunderstanding. However, the case got really complicated and now Lindsay will have to decide if she will accept a plea deal, or she can decide to go to trail and try and convince a jury that she is innocent. The star said the false allegations came due the store’s intention to get free publicity and also money out of her image, and Lindsay claimed her side of the story was confirmed with the surveillance video being made public by the store, who sold it to the media for a huge sum of money.

However, Lindsay major problem in accepting the deal is actually given by the fact that she wants to avoid jail, and the judge already told her that if the case will be settled in from of him, she will definitely get a prison sentence. The star and her lawyer have to take a decision on this case until March 23rd, when Lindsay’s lawyer will have to tell Judge Keith Schwartz if Lindsay will accept a plea deal or not. However, if the case will be settled, Lindsay will have to be in court on March 25th for her sentence. But, there is always the option for Lindsay to refuse the deal and so, she will have her preliminary hearing set for April 21st. However, it seems that Lindsay hasn’t made up her mind yet and so there is no word on what will the judge decide, Radar Online reported.

However, while some reports indicated that Lindsay has been drinking, other claim the star adopted a healthy lifestyle and she is studying Kabbalah, while she has also gave up smoking.11

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