Lindsay Lohan To Face Charges?


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Lindsay Lohan To Face Charges

Lindsay Lohan returned the missing necklace, but she can still face charges (

Actress Lindsay Lohan may face charges in the case involving the stealing of a necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store.Ad not set – click and set me here…
“As part of the grand theft investigation, detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific area obtained a search warrant on February 1, 2011, for actress Lindsay Lohan’s Venice residence, to search for the necklace,” an official statement said according to CNN news.

But, according to a TMZ report, Lindsay, when finding out about the fact that a judge issued a search warrant on her name for the cops to be able to search for the missing jewelry in her home, decided to return the necklace before her house got to be searched. Well, this is what some sources said according to the celebrity site, or better said what they believed Lindsay has done. Anyway, it seems that the search warrant was issued on Tuesday and the police was about to search for the jewelry in Lindsay’s home in Venice, California, when the star’s stylist showed up with the missing necklace at a police station. Of course, the stylist was returning the jewelry. Well, how can this whole situation be explained? It seems that Lindsay Lohan found out about the warrant and decided to send someone with the necklace to the police and not to return it to the jewelry store, in order to avoid the warrant being executed and also the charges that may result from this case.

But, does this mean that Lindsay won’t be charged after all since the jewelry was returned? Well, not really, because the Los Angeles district attorney can still decide to charge the star with stealing the necklace. However, no decision has been made, at least not yet regarding this case. The necklace, valued at $2,500, was taken from a jewelry store in the Venice area and was seen on Lindsay Lohan. No official statements were made by Lindsay Lohan or her lawyer, but a reaction from the star’s side to these events is expected in the following days. Still, Linday Lohan was seen in a store video wearing the necklace before it was reported missing and now she can face grand theft and second-degree commercial burglary charges, if it will  after all be discovered that the star had stolen the jewelry piece.

However, this case may have some consequences for Lindsay after all. If the district attorney decides to press charges against the star, Lindsay can and probably will face prison because of the fact that she violated the terms of her probation. The 24 years old actress currently is on probation after a drunk driving conviction, dating back in 2007. The star has been both in jail and in rehab following this arrest and all linked to the fact that Lindsay couldn’t stay away from troubles during her probation. However, linked to the same case, the star has to be in court on February 25, as part of her progress court hearing. Lindsay Lohan was in rehab in the past three months, as in October the judge decided that the actress must remain 180 days under treatment, being released from Betty Ford Center on January 3. Lindsay Lohan currently is still on probation.11

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