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Many employers and insurers are offering financial advantages in order to encourage employees to consider medical traveling. This has been a common practice for a while, but the United States citizens have chosen until now other countries like Thailand or India for low-cost surgery or dental care. The costs may vary with 20 to 40 percent from the standard prizes, so it is worth traveling a few hours from home, both for the patients that receive the best care and for the employees that reduce their health related expenses. The domestic medical traveling will raise competition between hospitals in America, so it is believed that tariffs will go down a little.
Domestic medical traveling used to be practiced only for organ transplants that were not made by all the medical institutions but now it has extended to all kinds of surgeries like back surgeries, cardiac-bypass surgeries or even minor procedures like repairs of the knee cartilage. But insurers can also be reluctant to encourage this phenomenon, because the amounts of money cashed by them will reduce, too.


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