Michael Douglas To Talk About Cancer Battle


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Michael Douglas began his cancer treatment during the summer

Michael Douglas is doing much better. The star has been diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this summer, but now he has completed the treatment and is ready to get back to work.
Michael Douglas actually completed the chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment about eight weeks ago, but he needed time to regain his strength after the harsh treatment. However, according to People, the star is determined to move on and he feels really well, despite the fact that he had to undergo treatment for the most advanced stage of his cancer condition, the actor being diagnosed with stage four throat cancer.

But, Michael Douglas remained optimistic during the treatment, the actor showing the same attitude right after being diagnosed with the disease. “I feel stronger every day,” the 66 years old “Wall Street” star told People. “But it’s a long road back,” he added.

But, according to ABC news, not only that Michael Douglas is doing better, but he is actually ready to get back to work. And it seems that he has already been cast in a movie. Douglas will play the leading role of “Liberace,” Steven Soderbergh’s latest movie, which is set to begin filming in May next year. And the actor accepted the project because he will find out in about a month if his disease has been cured. Douglas told the Hollywood Reporter that doctors will tell him in January if the cancer has been completely cured, but they have already given him an 80 percent cure rate. So, Michael Douglas is very optimistic about his recovery.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones spent Thanksgiving with their children

Michael Douglas spent Thanksgiving with his wife, famous actress Catherine Zeta Jones, and the couple’s two children visiting and having fun in Disney World. According to different reports, the 41 years old actress has been very supportive with her husband during the hard days of treatment, and the disease has only made them stronger. “It showed me a love that I never knew really existed,” Michael said referring to his condition and the way his family handled things. And the disease has also made the star be closer to his dad, Kirk Douglas, who visited his son almost every day during the treatment. The actor had a strained relationship for many years with his, now, 93 year old father, but thing are much better between the two now, as Michael said.

But, the actor also talked about the legal battle with his former wife, Diandra Douglas. Diandra sued Michael asking for money from the actor’s earnings from his latest movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” “I try not to dwell on a bad marriage,” Douglas told The Hollywood Reporter. A judge dismissed the case earlier this month.11

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    Imi pare bine sa aud ca acest mare actor se simte bine. Cu siguranta credinta in Domnul Isus l-a ajutat in aceasta batalie, dovada si impacarea (apropierea) de tatal sau…