Miley Cyrus Furious With Her Father


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Miley Cyrus Furious With Her Father

Miley Cyrus was shocked with the statements made by her father (

It seems that Miley Cryus did not appreciate at all the comments by her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.Ad not set – click and set me here…
Billy Ray Cyrus made a series of revelations last week regarding his daughter and also the problems that the young star and his whole family experience now. He said that the show that made Miley famous, “Hannah Montana” has actually destroyed his family. And Billy Ray was supposed to have another interview on “The View” this week to talk about all these statements that he made, but it seems that he dropped out on the appearance on Barbara Walters’ show.

But, why did Billy Ray Cyrus refuse to honor the interview he first accepted? Well, it seems that Miley forced him to remain silent. And in fact, when Miley Cyrus found out about the statements that his father made and also about the fact that he was scheduled to appear on “The View” on Wednesday and talk more, she “went nuts,” as a source said according to “Only last week, Billy shot his mouth off in GQ, and now he planned to sit down with [Barbara and Whoopi] and talk more crap about his family. No way would Miley or her team let that happen,” the source continued to explain. And of course, it was referring to the recent revelations that Billy Ray Cyrus made during a GQ interview.

Billy Ray Cyrus claimed that his is scared for his daughter, as she is surrounded with people that “putting her in a great deal of danger.” He also added that he wants to protect Miley, but he feels isolated from her, all because of the star’s staff and the people that are always around her, influencing her career, decisions and life. However, it seems that Miley herself was shocked with the statements made by her dad, wondering why he decided to reveal such private aspects from her life. Well, can this case be compared with the one involving another young star, although one with more issues than Miley? Of course, we are referring here to Lindsay Lohan and the troubled relationship the actress has always had with her father, Michael, who constantly made declarations and revealed different things linked to his famous daughter.

Anyway, although the two cases can not be compared, at least not yet, Billy Ray Cyrus decided to share some aspects from his daughter’s life and reports indicated that in the past few years the relationship that he had with Miley was a very difficult one. Still, at first, Miley believed that her dad had been tricked to reveal those things, knowing from her own experience that sometimes things like that can happen and undesired comments can be made, but when the young singer and actress found that her dad had another interview scheduled, she was furious. And somehow she determined her father to not make the appearance on the show. And it actually seems that a rep from Billy Ray confirmed that his interview on “The View” had been canceled. Still, sources told Chicago Sun Times that Miley is very upset with her father and she just doesn’t want to talk to him at this point.

Billy Ray and Miley’s mom Tish are currently divorcing and the singer was the one who filed the divorce papers, citing irreconcilable differences. Miley Cyrus’s parents separated after 17 years of marriage and it was initially claimed that Billy Ray decided to end his marriage due a cheating story. Rumors emerged saying that Tish had an affair with famous singer Bret Michaels. The infidelity rumors were denied by both sides. The “damn show destroyed my family,” Billy Ray said in his interview with GQ magazine, referring to the show that has made his daughter extremely popular, “Hannah Montana.” Billy Ray played in the show himself, as Miley’s father and manager.11

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