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You might have heard of the X-men, the famous comic book made by Marvel. If you have heard of it, then you might have also heard of Wolverine, one of the most famous characters from the comics. He was created by the military, which basically made him indestructible.

There have been many military experiments made over the course of the years, and in what follows you will get to read something about them. I should tell you that the army did not create an invincible man, but even so, these scientific military experiments were considered outrageous when they occurred.

10. One of the most interesting scientific military experiments was the infrared vision. The military wanted to give the U.S Navy sailors the possibility of seeing better when it was night, in order for them to be able to see the infrared signal lights in the Second World War. However they tried to enhance the capabilities of the eyes, by giving them supplements made from the livers of walleyed pikes. Their eyesight improved, but the experiment was stopped when the army developed the equipment which is used today and which allows them soldiers to see during the night.

9. Plutonium anyone? In order to test the effects of plutonium on the human body, the US military injected the element in more than 400 people. They wanted to see the effects of plutonium at different doses, and they also wanted to see how fast the body can get rid of it. They also used it in the case of various cancer patients, to see if it has any effects on the disease. The first experiment occurred in 1945, but it was revealed 50 years later in 1995.

8. The rocket rider. Before the US government was able to send a man into the orbit, they wanted to test how the body would react to such an experiment. In order to simulate the effects of the flight, they built a land rocket which moved on a horizontal axis. The rocket managed to achieve incredible speeds, the fastest one being of 632 miles per hour. Colonel John Stapp of the U.S. Air Force was the man who rode the machine, and he did it more than 29 times. The testing did not come without consequences, as he cracked some ribs, fractured wrists, and burst blood vessels.

7. The Guinea Pigs. During the Cold War, more than 2,300 young Seventh-Day Adventists volunteered in the Army in order to serve as guinea pigs for various vaccines against different biological weapons. None of the people who signed up for the bolding action died because of the diseases, but all of them had terrible side effects including high fever, chills, bone-deep aches, and so on.

6. Fall from the sky. Captain Joseph Kittinger, Jr. was the man who served as a guinea pig for an experiment which involved falling from the sky. The scientists wanted to see the effects of the high-altitude jumps on the pilots, and as a result Kittinger performed various jumps during the 50s. He broke various records during that period because all of his jumps were performed from altitudes of thousands of feet. The highest altitude he jumped from was 102,800 feet and during the descend he reached the speed of 614 mph.

5. Hallucinogenic weapons. Hallucinogens such as marijuana, LSD, or PCP are not just drugs used by people for various reasons. They were used by the army as well, as they believed that if they could get the enemy soldiers “high” then they would be able to beat them much easier. The volunteers received drugs such as the ones mentioned previously but it seemed that they were too weak in order to be casted into a bullet shape. The army eventually used a different substance which they were able to cast into the desired form. The weapon had the possibility of putting the people to sleep for days.

4. Nerve Gas. The project Shipboard Hazard and Defense occurred between 1963 and 1970. Various ships were sprayed with sarin and VX, and other nerve agents. They wanted to see if these agents had any influence over the crew members of those particular ships. It has not been revealed if the health of those sailors has been affected by the agents or not.

3. Psychics might have nothing to do with the military, but between 1972 and 1996, the military spent more than $20 million to test extrasensory powers such as remote viewing. They wanted to see if the humans can see regions which they have not visited before and to provide essential information about those regions. This drew lots of criticisms from the government, and the experiment was finally stopped.

2. Sleep? Who needs it? The military wants soldiers 24/7. They want the soldiers to be prepared and ready for action whenever they are called. Sleep can be very dangerous and it can be a serious threat for the soldiers when they are in a mission. In order to stop this problem, the government decided to develop a method of making the soldiers awake all the time. They gave them amphetamines, and many other stimulants, which are also called “go-pills”. The most popular drug which can aid this problem is modafinil, and it is said that it can keep a person awake for 40 hours without causing any damage whatsoever.  The U.S Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is using various strange methods for achieving this goal, such as electromagnetism.

1. Inner Armor. The army is attempting to perform something which is more suitable for the Science Fiction movies. They want to modify the DNA of the soldiers in order to have the qualities of different animals. They want to make the soldiers kill proof against different threats such as radioactive, chemical, biological weapons, temperatures, high altitudes, and diseases. They want to make the soldiers the ultimate killing machines which would not be affected by the external factors. It sure sounds like a sci-fi movie.11

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