Mine Explosion In New Zealand Traps 27


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A powerful explosion occurred on Friday in New Zealand at one of the largest coal mines in the country, trapping two dozen miners underground.

According to Tony Kikshoom, Grey District’s mayor, for the moment it is not known what depth of the mine the explosion occurred to, and it is too early to make any calls.

The rescuers are assembling the best way to bring to the surface the 27 miners believed to be alive somewhere in the mine.

According to officials, power went out at Pike River coal mine and the electrician sent to see what had happened saw a loader driver blown off his machine from the explosion, even though it occurred hundreds of feet away from the place where the machine was.

Two miners who were working in another sector of the mine came out and told the police that three other miners could be behind them. All five were saved and are in good condition now.

A rescue team was assembled to the purpose of assessing what the requirements are so that the rescue operation could be put in practice.

According to the New Zealand Energy and Resources minister Gerry Brownlee the rescue team is called West Coast Mine Rescue Time and is made of professionals who will most certainly do the job right.

The mine entrance is a little less than a mile and half before branching into sub areas and is equipped with two emergency exists, but the police do not know whether the miners trapped inside can reach them.

It is not certain whether the ventilation system is still intact and can assure the survival of those inside.

New Zealand authorities are hoping the whole situation will be solved and the miners will be brought to surface safe and sound. They are inspired by the example of the mining accident in Chile when 33 miners were rescued after spending more than two months inside the mine.

The Prime Minister of the country, John Key, said the situation could become very serious but the government will provide the company with any support necessary.11

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