Mona Lisa’s remains discovered?


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The archeologists were in the search of Mona Lisa, and they discovered a skeleton which seems to have the same physical properties as da Vinci’s work of art.Ad not set – click and set me here…

The archeologists discovered the skeleton in a Florence convent, the same place where they suspected that Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo, the woman who served as a portrait for Mona Lisa might have been buried. The researchers inspected the cranium and the pelvis of the skeleton, which seems to be female. Giorgio Gruppioni, an anthropologist at the Bologna University said that they will need to make further investigations in order to make sure that the skeleton is female. Also, they will need to find out the exact period of time in which the skeleton lived. The researchers decided to investigate the area based on information obtained from historical records. The records indicated the fact that she spent her last two years of life at the church St. Ursula from Florence, as her husband died. In the document it is mentioned that she was buried under the church, in a crypt. The researchers intend to continue the excavation of the skeleton in order to find out more about it.

If it is discovered that the skeleton belongs to a woman and more important, belongs to a woman who lived in the same time as Giocondo did, then they will compare the skeleton with the remains of two of Del Giocondo’s children. The children of the famous woman are buried in a different cemetery. The researchers also intend to reconstruct her face, in order to see if it matches the face from the Mona Lisa painting. It seems that some researchers that weren’t involved in the study are skeptical about the discovery. Chapel Hill anthropologist Kristina Killgrove said that the facial reconstruction is not the proper way of obtaining this information, as the technique is very unreliable. Numerous archeologists attempted this technique on various famous people such as King Tut, the Kennewick Man, and many others, and have failed. She said that when people tried this technique, they couldn’t reconstruct the faces, even though they knew the face they wanted to obtain. The reason for this is the fact that in time, the facial structures change, and that will result in a different looking face. The same will most likely happen in the case of Mona Lisa’s face.

People will want to obtain the same face as the one from the painting, but they will obtain a different face, because she died when she was older, not immediately after the painting was completed.  Monty Dobson, an archaeologist at Drury University in Missouri, said that the skeleton is in a very terrible shape, and because of that, he believes that it will be very difficult, or maybe impossible for the researchers to reconstruct it. Dobson said that it is very possible for the skeleton to have the same DNA as someone from the Del Giocondo family. The paper suggested the fact that someone from the family was buried in the area. However, he said, this doesn’t mean that the skeleton actually belongs to the famous Mona Lisa. He said that it will be difficult for the researchers to make the connection between the skeleton and Mona Lisa, especially since they do not have too many evidences which could indicate to this connection.11

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