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Of course, on the red carpet you have to present the best outfits you can get because there is a moment at the arrival when everyone present there will be on the spotlights. And as you can imagine, every star tried to impress with his or hers clothing style. But, who actually managed to look great at the MTV Video Music Awards? Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or maybe Kanye West?
Well, we must begin with Lady Gaga because she always manages to make her presence felt, no matter the event. And of course, she must do something controversial every time she makes an appearance and so she did this time on Sunday Night MTV Video Music Awards show. The new almost crowned queen of pop, Lady Gaga presented on the red carpet an outfit that was behind all expectations. This time her dress created by the late Alexander McQueen, had a flowing regal design with royal shades of gold, dark reds and deep greens. However, the outfit had a military and political component as Gaga arrived with some military protectors.

Well, if the outfit wasn’t clear enough to make everyone understand the message she was willing to transmit, she made things a little bit clearer in her red carpet interview. She expressed her support for, an organization formed about 17 years ago in reaction to DADT policies.

But this is not all. Gaga made everyone think about her “Alejandro” video where she combines some military elements with religious things. Maybe this time the religious element of the dress wasn’t that visible, as it was in the video, but it was present there, her dress reminding the Renaissance era and the religious paintings. So what do you think about Gaga’s dress?

However, maybe Lady Gaga is the most controversial character, no matter the place, but she is not the only one that should be mentioned when it comes to fashion moments at the night of the events. So, on the red carpet you could also see the “Jersey Shore” cast, of course, tanned and styli. When did   Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Pauly D, Nicole Polizzi alias Snooki and Jwoww alias Jenny become so popular? Doesn’t matter, they were there on the red carpet besides famous names in the music industry, as Jay Z, Eminem or Beyonce Knowles. And they really looked great.  Mike “The Situation” was the one to show again his personal style, but in a more elegant way, while Pauly opted for a suit. But, the most shocking outfit was the one worn by Snooki. She opted for a one-shoulder mini dress with loud swirling turquoise patterns. And we have to admit that this is quite a change. She looked more elegant the she ever did and her hair also had a style more reserved, but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that she lost all her party style.

Compared o what we are used to see from the Jersey Shore cast this was definitely a nice change. But the ladies from “The Hills” can always give them some style lessons, although their reality show on MTV is now over. On the other hand, Katy Perry opted for an ice skater-inspired outfit. Well, poor Katy was ill, but still she looked great. “I’m sick as a dog,” she said on the red carpet, but this was no reason for her to stay at home and miss the awards night. However, Katy couldn’t stay at home because she had to show her new nails polished with her fiance face.

But, from all the people present at the MTV Video Music Awards probably the one most looked by the cameras was Kanye West. Because of the last year’s events when the singer jumped on the stage when Taylor Swift was receiving her award to say that she didn’t deserved it, taking the microphone from her hands and ruining her moment and her night, everyone expected Kanye to have “a moment” this year also. But, the singer behaved himself this time.

Well, if he didn’t ruin someone’s night, it doesn’t mean that Kanye did nothing. He almost turned the night in his own show by debuting with a new song. Kanye opted for a fire-engine-red suit and gold chains, so you could not miss him. What did you think about his performance?11

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