NATO Air Raid In Pakistan Ends with Dead People


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There are as requested a considerable number of NATO helicopters as the U.S is sustaining their war, but recent some NATO helicopters have started at least two airstrikes in Pakistan. After these a number count was made and the results were that they killed more than 50  insurgents in these attacks.

Just like everything that America does, they had a very good explanation as they said they were acting in self defense. According to some U.S officials, the NATO has an agreement that allows the US troops to cross around Pakistan.

The area where the attacks took place is a place that is controlled by militants that are known as making many attacks against NATO troops in Afghanistan. “An air team in the area observed the enemy fire, and following International Security Assistance Force rules of engagement, crossed into the area of enemy fire. The ISAF aircraft then engaged, killing more than 30 insurgents.” the mission said in a statement.

The first attack took place on Saturday and according to the U.S. Capt. Ryan Donald, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan; it took place after insurgents attacked an Afghan post in Khost province. This first strike killed 49 militants at once.

As for the second attack, Donald has a very good explanation for it, it happened, “The helicopters returned to the scene and they received direct small arms fire and, once again operating in self-defense, they engaged the insurgents.” U.S. Maj. Michael Johnson, another ISAF spokesman said that the strike killed at least four militants.

Anyhow, it is believed that there was no civilian killed in the two attacks, but this thing has not yet been confirmed. This is why, the ISAF must do further investigation into this.

This is not the first time when this happens and the Taliban’s and the Americans have had a past of feelings in which they hated and fought with each other. The resentments were not forgot and they have even had some governmental responses to these attacks. According to the government, these attacks violated its sovereignty.

Despite of this entire situation, they went on with the third attacks in the village of Mata Sanger, on Monday morning and there is not yet known all the victims that were harmed in this attack. At the moment the Pakistani military made no comment on this latest attack but it is expected that it will.11

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