Obama loses support over illegal immigration issue


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The Senate just passed a 600 million dollars measure that is in tended to strengthen United States border security.
This passage was approved during a rare special August session, which was held after most of the lawmakers have left Washington for the summer recess. Senator Chuck Schumer, one of the few Senators present to the bill’s passage said that this is a clear indication of the fact that they are very much interested in the securing United States borders issue. President Obama said that the legislation is an important step forward the immigration reform intended to secure the borders and restore order in the fragile immigration system. The changes in the United States’ immigration system have to include a strategy to manage the country’s 10.8 million illegal immigrants which need a complex and perhaps complete change that is not very likely to take place right in the middle of the election year. Especially since this legislative impasse, which has caused frustrations both in the illegal immigrant banks and their opponents could have consequences for both major parties in November and beyond.

Many states have started creating their own immigration legislation, because the Congress failed to implement a reform which all states were supposed to apply. Florida became the latest state to come up with its own legislation, following Arizona’s example that enforced a strict new immigration measure. In the mean time, the immigrant communities from all over the country are starting to feel frustrated that the Obama administration did not keep its word as to improve the legal immigration process and provide a way that would help the undocumented residents receive legal residency. Jorge Ramos, one of the most respected Spanish journalists, says that President Obama has lost his support because he did not keep his promise to have the immigration reform done. Most of the American citizens wish that there are stricter border control measures to fight illegal immigration, but, at the same time 57 percent of them are in favor of giving illegal immigrants that are already living in the United States a chance to earn their American citizenship11

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