“Orange Revolution” Replaced with “Silver Revolution” in the Caucasian Republic of Georgia


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Orange Revolution Replaced By Silver Revolution in Georgia

Unrest in Georgia

The wave of changes has reached the little Causasian state of Georgia, where people have demonstrated for the third day against President Saakasvili’s policies.Ad not set – click and set me here…

The protests started on Saturday, as 10,000 people participated in a meeting in the central of the capital city Tbilisi, demanding the president Mikhail Saakasvili to step down after he failed to resolve the problems of poverty and authoritarianism.

The protest went smoothly on Saturday, but it turned violent on Sunday, when clashes broke out between demonstrators and police.

After a leader of the demonstration was arrested, young people smashed the windows of the police car, causing the police to fire teargas.

Orange Revolution Replaced By Silver Revolution in Georgia

Unrest in Georgia

Some people even slept overnight in front of the state television station, saying that their protest was provoked by the fact that the government has placed many Georgians in the unbearable position of not having “enough bread to eat.”

Many people in the streets of Georgia said that life was better in the days of the Soviet Union, a perception widely spread in many countries which underwent the transition from Communism to a failed attempt at installing a democratic rule.

Most protestors were older people who must try to survive on very small pensions, another characteristic of ex-Communist third world countries in the Eastern Europe. That is a reason why this uprising has already been deemed as “Silver Revolution.”

Opposition leader Nina Burjanadze said about the unrest that “if someone attacks us, we have a right to protect ourselves,” speaking about the attack on life itself a totalitarian state can blow. Opposition is considered to be behind these protests.

The spokesman for the government said that the police would respect the right of the people to protest and would interfere only in case of violence.

Mikhail Saakasvili came to power in Georgia in 2004, as part of the so-called “Orange Revolution” that engulfed ex-Communist Romania and ex-Soviet republics of Ukraine and Georgia.

Saakasvili came to power on a huge wave of popular dissatisfaction with the rule of former president Eduard Sevarnadze, former foreign minister of the Soviet Union.

He promised to eradicate corruption and authoritarianism, which are exactly the counts on which people are attempting to oust him now.

In 2008, his rhetoric and his very uninspired foreign policy choices brought Georgia in a state of war with Russia, leading to the occupation of Georgia and, after the withdrawing of Russian troops, to the de facto breakaway of Georgian provices Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which already formulated requests to adhere to the Russian Federation.

Orange Revolution Replaced By Silver Revolution in Georgia

Mikhail Saakasvili in the wake of Russian Invasion

As a result of the war, Saakasvili was reported to have had suicidal attempts, and went through mental breakdowns as can be seen in the picture above, one of the most famous pictures of him.

The “Orange Revolution” proved to be a monumental failure in the countries where it was implemented. In 2010, Ukrainians gave their “Orange” candidate only 6 percent as he was running for a second term, while in Romania the candidate of the “Orange Revolution” installed a regime that has many characteristics of the one in Tbilisi, after being realected at the end of a very controversial runof, with serious accusations of election-rigging.11

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