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The president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari continues his European tour with a visit to the UK, where he met British PM David Cameron in London. On this occasion, the Pakistani President reaffirmed his commitment to the co-operation with Britain on economic grounds and security matters.

The two officials met at the residence of the British PM and confirmed their desire to strengthen the ties on strategic matters.

This visit comes in the context of the remarks the British PM made last week in India when he called Pakistan to reaffirm its commitment to the democratic values and warned against turning this country into an exporter of terrorism. The two leaders made efforts to smooth the relation between their countries visible affected by these allegations.

Zardari, which is accused back home of being away while his country is going through a devastating deluge, poetically expressed his conviction that storms will come and go (probably a reference related to the situation in his country), but the friendship between Pakistan and Britain will endure, and the world will be a better place also as a result of the benefic co-operation between the two countries in the field of international security and fighting against terror.

Cameron showed his appreciation for the contribution Pakistan has made in the fight against the terrorists in Afghanistan, in which many Pakistani soldiers lost their lives, and also his support for overcoming the damages provoked by the floods. At the same time, though, he had dinner with the President, but didn’t apologize for the words he said in India.

Zardari invited Cameron to come visit Pakistan, an invitation the British PM accepted.

In France, Zardari told the journalists of Le Monde that the Western world already lost the “war of mind and heart” with the Taliban in Afghanistan. A very poor choise of words and topic of conversation, considering that Pakistan is now in a very difficult spot, facing the distrust of the Western democratic world, because of the scandal caused in the U.S. by the publication of some 90,000 military files containing information about various military actions in Afghanistan, and reports about Pakistani officials who are tied with Taliban insurgents.11

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