President of Argentina Praises Deceased President Nestor Kirchner


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President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner addressed the nation in a television broadcast, on which occasion she expressed sorrow for the demise of the former Argentine president Nestor Kirchner, her husband, who died of a heart attack.

The president took the occasion to express gratitude for the outpouring support the family felt in these days of sorrow.

Cristina Fernandez said, tearful at times, that the demise of her husband changed her life, and that this is not the most difficult time but the most painful time, which is different.

She said that in her entire life she faced many difficult times, but that this one is different and is the most difficult of them all. “It is the biggest pain in my life,” she added.

Cristina Fernandez described her husband as her companion for the last 35 years both in life and in ideals.

Then she thanked the thousands of people who paid respect by praying for him or wanting to see him in a superb display of affection where people gave rosary beads flowers or soccer jerseys.

The president said she saw the face of her husband reflected in those of the young people who chanted and marched in memory of Nestor Kirchner.

She said that she felt compelled to honor the memory of her departed husband by ruling as well as she can a country her husband has changed and saved.

Nestor Kirchner was the president of Argentina between 2003 and 2007 in a troubled time after the economic collapse that led the people to take it to the streets and provoke the resignation of De la Rua thus creating a period of instability characterized by the slogan que se vayan todos “away with them all.”

Kirchner is considered the president that took the measures the country needed to stop the decay and sustain a revival of the economy, his term being considered a very bold one.11

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