Restraining Order Issued Against Michael Lohan


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Restraining Order Issued Against Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan's former girlfriend obtained a restraining order against the star (

It seems that Michael Lohan’s troubles are far from ending. Lindsay’s dad will have to stay away of his former girlfriend.Ad not set – click and set me here…
Michael Lohan was arrested last week, after being accused of assaulting his former girlfriend and now it looks like the woman really fears him. Kate Major requested a restraining order against Michael Lohan and now Lindsay’s dad has to stay at least 500 feet away from her. TMZ reports that in fact Kate asked a judge to approve a 2,500 miles protective order, and she was granted the order by a judge in Sarasota County, Florida.

Kate Major’s request comes after last week the woman was assaulted by Michael Lohan, Kate claiming he threw her against the footrest of a bed and then strangled her with a wet towel. And that is not all. Michael’s former fiancée also said that Lindsay’s dad threatened to cut himself with a razor blade if Kate wouldn’t remain quite about the incident. She said that Michael’s intentions were to hurt himself and then to blame it on her if she was to talk with the cops about the assault.

On the other hand, as imagined, Michael Lohan admits nothing. He claimed that in fact Kate was the one who assaulted him and that all her claims are untrue. Currently, Michael Lohan is in Venice, California, reports claim, filming reality TV show Celebrity Rehab. The reality show star was charged with a misdemeanour linked to the incident. He was released from police custody with no bail. Anyway, initially, after the cops arrived on the scene of the events, Michael Lohan was transported to the hospital, the star claiming to experience some pain, not linked to the arrest, but to a previous condition he suffered from. After being released from hospital, Michael was taken into arrest. The two began arguing while they met at their former apartment, where Kate was to take some of her things, and well, it seems that it got really violent. And, Kate seems to fear her former boyfriend now.11

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