Rudy Giuliani’s daughter arrested for shoplifting


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The Manhattan district attorney’s office has not decided yet if they should prosecute Caroline Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani’s daughter for shoplifting after Sephora store dropped charges against her.
Joan Vollero from the DA’s office declared that the district attorney’s office has time to decide whether to file a criminal court complaint or not until the 31st of August, and by this time she has only been issued a desk appearance ticket. Caroline Giuliani is a 20 years old Harvard student, and she was caught on tape by the surveillance camera while she was shoplifting some items which were valued around the sum of 100 dollars: a Slim roller ball funnel, a Dior Skin flash primer, a Hd bliss, an Aqua cream, and a hair net. The alleged shoplifting took place in a Sephora store from the East Side of Manhattan. Giuliani was arrested and taken to the precinct station house, and after that the Manhattan District Attorney accused her of petit larceny. Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said that the Sephora store officials refused to formally press charges against her and to sign the forms, so there will probably be no case without their cooperation.

Caroline left the precinct station house together with her mother, Donna Hanover, a former newscaster who divorced Rudy Giuliani after finding out from the news that her husband intended to ask her for the divorce. Caroline Giuliani has been a stranger to her father ever since he separated from Hanover and married his current wife. She is the smallest daughter of the former New York City mayor who started his career as a determined federal prosecutor. Caroline first hit the headlines when she listed herself as a member of Barack Obama‘s Facebook group, while her father was thinking about running for presidency too.11

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