Scenarios Envisaging The End Of Earth Or December 21, 2012


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You all probably heard by now about the Mayan prediction according to which the Earth’s end gets closer and closer with each day that passes, to be more exact they claim that it will all come to an end on December 21, 2012. Some say that they are right and that this is the precise day when everything is going to end. When it comes to exposing their theories these people will most certainly bring into discussion the fact that as we all know the Earth rotates around its axis and the cycle is to be completed at every 11,000 years and this is when the inversion of magnetic poles takes place; at every 26,000 years the planets align and it is said that at that very moment there is only one time. All these events are expected to occur in 2012 and it appears that this is the very precise reason for which many people envisage this year as the Earth’s end, the apocalypse.

Reality or just imagination we shall see. After all I think that when it comes to this subject we should perhaps keep in mind the definition given by the Mayans to time; they envisage the time as the unity of measure which permits thought to become reality. As such I dare say that our thoughts can or may become reality. I do not think that this will occur precisely in 2012 but anytime we wish to. After all we are the ones caring the ropes here on our planet or at least we think so; as such it may all depend on the choices we continue to make as most certainly we did make wrong choices in the past as far as life on earth is concerned.

When it comes to the end of earth imagination can take one to lands still unknown to many of us. Yet many of these so called lands are very much in us if I am allowed to express myself in this way.

Now let’s mention some of the possible dangers threatening our planet. Have you ever heard anyone mentioning the black holes? It has been a long time since Einstein mentioned them for the first time yet their existence was proved only later on in the 1970s. They have frightened people all the way being considered some kind of a gap from which nothing can escape; it is said that if they ever come close to the sun extreme climate changes may take place and this would be translated in one or perhaps two words ‘the end’.

You all probably heard about the world’s largest particle accelerator that has been built by scientists in Geneva. At the time this invention was made public being put into function, all newspapers and TV shows spelled disaster claiming that, that very moment will coincide with the end of the world as we know it. And did anything happen? We are still here and nothing significant occurred, the apocalypse is to be considered elusive. It was said that particle accelerators would be able to destroy the earth mainly because it was thought that the collision of protons at high speed could lead to the creation of black holes that would practically engulf our planet. It didn’t happen at that time yet as in 2012 it is said that this complicated machinery would engage in what many consider to be the first significant experiment there is no way the world would manage to escape its fury.

When it comes to imagining the end of the world people envisaged such things as an alien invasion or a possible collision of the earth with some asteroid or a huge proportion tsunami.

Yet how many of you tend to associate a possible ecological disaster with the end of the world? This may be the most probable cause for the end of this planet as we know it. Take your time and imagine what this world would be without forests, without water and without the insects that are involved in pollination and as such help plants grow, providing us the necessary food resources or at least part of them. You may have read about the fact that recently there has been a significant decline in the number of bees and  in case you were not aware up to now the bees play a very important role in the pollination process and as such their annihilation would have a bad impact on the food chain. Given the fact that there has been a significant increase in population over the years and that there has been an increasing demand in food, water and whatever us humans need to carry on with our lives there is no possible way we could survive such a scenario.

Yet, the way things are going now and as records show that more than 30,000 species become extinct each year we are rushing towards that kind of somber disaster. Most of the people who extensively hunt animals or take them away from their natural habitat granting them fewer chances to survive, or at times butchering animals, depleting whole areas of land by cutting off all trees in order to make place for new and new buildings and companies or even industrial areas, releasing all kind of toxic substances into the atmosphere, using all kind of pesticides as fertilizers and as such affecting the soil and many other such reckless actions, are certainly not animated by thoughts involving environmental protection in their actions.

We practically do not keep in balance the elements to be found in the environment, practically disturbing the global ecosystem and as such this one started disturbing us. If all the pollinating insects disappeared then most certainly the planet will be thrown into what can be labeled as global starvation.

What about the much debated subject of global warming? Do you think that it only an artificially created subject in order to give politicians new debating issues? If you consider so then you should start thinking seriously about the following hypothesis: given to increasing temperature rises we may witness the melting down of some of the world’s glaciers and as such this may cause severe floods that would kill us. Another scenario involves severe droughts which would also spell death as we will practically remain without the necessary water source for drinking and irrigating the crops.

We have experienced its effects lately and it all resulted in many dead people or starving, homeless ones. What about the latest heavy rains affecting most parts of the world or about the tropical storms and tsunamis? I sometimes tend to think that we will be soon left with no alphabet letters to name all those tsunamis but this cannot be a problem in itself, yet the human lives which could be spared should be treated as a problem and a very serious one. We practically have no seasons anymore as no matter the season it may be snowing or raining heavily. Did you know that this year in May it snow on Côte d’Azur or that the same thing happneed in June in Buneos Aires? How does this sound to you? We have witnessed lately quite spectacular climate changes, yet we do nothing but keep our arms well crossed to our chest and continue to do the same bad things which significantly impact our environment.

Did you know that if the soil will continue to degrade Africa will soon not be able to feed all its population? You most certainly did not know this but most probably you were aware of the fact that there are areas in this world where people literally starve and crave for some water; most of these areas are in Africa.

What about the polar ice caps and their melting? It is a subject which has undergone significant debates yet when it comes to protecting the tropical rain forests we seem to be doing too little to protect these forests. Yet it is the trees in these forests that absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and release in exchange oxygen and as such they bring their contribution to the reducing of global warming.

How about a scenario picturing a rise of the sea level? Does this sound plausible enough to you? If this happened it would certainly flood most areas and it would decimate a few lives too.

It has been discovered that about 70% of the disasters taking place around the globe are related to the latest changes in the climate. Can you believe this incredible percentage? You should, because it is part of the reality we have built.

Will the natural resources be able to sustain life on earth in the years to come? Given the significant population growth it is a subject that becomes disputable. The solution would be to reduce our number and as such be able to feed and sustain the life of the remaining ones. Perhaps those claiming that all the latest unusual diseases affecting humanity were pre-fabricated in the labs and then released on the “market” were right. Why not decimating those who prove not to be strong enough to survive? It sounds pretty much like a mass massacre yet who really knows what crosses the minds of our leaders?

When talking about the end of the earth people didn’t fail to mention a volcanic eruption that would manage to exterminate the entire civilized world. It would be something similar to what happened in 1816, year which came to be called the year without a summer after Mount Tambora erupted, yet more terrifying as it could affect all life on earth.

How about nuclear bombs? If such a bomb would be used then most certainly the effects would be devastating and would make themselves felt for the years to come too. It could cause radiations and destroy all animal life and plants as well. As all elements in nature are strongly interconnected the effects would surely be devastating.

What if another ice age occurred? If such a thing happened then it would clearly impact civilization making large global areas not exactly the proper places to be inhabited. Google-ing you will be able to discover that there have been twelve ice ages up to now in the whole history of the world and the normal question to be asked is: Will we be the next ones witnessing the 13th ice age? Those who are superstitious will probably envisage number 13th as bad luck, others will pay no attention to it and most of us will just be curious to find more about the previous ice age. Yet if we are going to witness the next ice age then what shall be the price to be paid? Human lives and civilization- this would probably be the most appropriate answer.

And last, but not least important how does an invasion of robots taking control of the world sound to you? I’d say that this is most likely to happen in a science fiction movie than in reality yet there have been some voices claiming that anything is possible and that as such even this SF scenario should be taken into consideration when envisaging the end of earth.

Numerous scenarios more or less plausible have been launched on the market when it comes to depicting the end of this civilization, yet perhaps most importantly we should take a look into our own ‘yard’ and see what is wrong there, what we are doing wrong and what we should do in order to protect the already fragile environment.

All these if you enjoy life on this planet and you want to make sure that the generations to come will be able to enjoy it too. And as far as a presumed end is approaching in 2012 according to what the Bible, Nostradamos or the Mayans predicted there is no way we can take these predictions for granted. What one should instead do is take for granted this very day and take his time to think about the future of this planet and what he can do to make it better.11

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