Susan Boyle – Talented Singer Despite The Critics


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Susan Boyle

A few days ago, an article on Susan Boyle created many debates and made some of her fans think that I, the editor, have a “problem” with this singer. The article I published aimed to make people aware of the fact that Susan Boyle will be releasing her autobiography, but instead of accomplishing that purpose, or besides that, it created a whole drama and the comments were mostly linked to the question I used at the end of the article.
“But, still there are many people that don’t like Susan Boyle. Are you one of them?,” the question said. Does it mean that I don’t like Susan Boyle? I really don’t think so. However, people wrote that I obviously am not one of this singer’s fans and that I personally don’t like her, trying, through my article, to “track down people that don’t like Susan’s music.”

Was that my purpose? Definitely not! But, was it what her fans believed I was doing? It seems so. However, I never said anything bad about Susan Boyle. I actually wrote that she is a talented singer, with an incredible voice. I don’t think I said something unkind about her, as I have been accused in the comments people have left below the article. Oh, well, except the way I ended it. But, was that so wrong? I said that there are many people that don’t like her music. The affirmation was based on the many mean comments that people leave on the articles about Susan and I found many such reviews on the internet. Can someone honestly say that everyone loves her music? Or is there an artist who is liked by everyone? Can someone say that pop singers, rappers and even opera singers have only fans? I am sure that Susan Boyle, like any other artist, has many fans and her success proves it. And fans should know better that Susan Boyle’s talent was the one that helped her become the artist she is today and that happened despite all critics.

Her first public appearance at “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009, when Susan Boyle sang “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables, made everyone realize that she has all the chances to win this competition. And she made it to the finals. Although Susan Boyle wasn’t the one to win the show, finishing the competition on the second place, behind dance troupe Diversity, Susan’s powerful voice brought her the success she has today.

Well, people wrote that the ones that don’t like Susan Boyle the artist are heartless. Is that a kind thing to say? Should everyone like her? – this was asked in another comment. And as an editor of the article I have to like her to write about her? Do I have to like war to write about it? My article wasn’t subjective and the facts I wrote weren’t attacking anyone. I never attacked the artist and I never wrote something “hateful” about her, as I have been accused. What is really hateful? To say that there are people who don’t like her and the way she sings? And that was the real problem of the article, the way I raised that question.

However, even though fans asked people to be kind and never make bad comments about Susan, they only limited their requirements on their favorite singer. I, on the other hand, was called “idiot,” “hateful,” “heartless,” and the list can go on, although they seem to agree that people can’t be perfect and we all make mistakes. Was it the best example that fans could have given and mostly after they asked other people, including me, to be kind?

Well, people also asked when the comments option will be closed by the site. And the answer is that they weren’t because we appreciate when people share their opinion about the articles posted, even though sometimes there may be criticism. And I also thank the ones that posted their comments on my Susan Boyle article.11

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3 Responses to Susan Boyle – Talented Singer Despite The Critics

  1. Rose of England says:

    Well you are a poor communicator if you don’t know that posing a negative question immediately suggests a negative viewpoint. Why ask if readers dislike (or even, like) Susan? Surely the evidence – nearly 10 million copies of her first album, countless invitations to perform world-wide, devoted fans from every country on the planet is answer enough. Of course there are people who don’t like her music, just as there will be people who don’t like your article. Yes, some fans go over the top with their criticism of negative articles but many of us are sick to death of the constant and continuing attacks on this lady who has done nothing, other than take part in a talent show, make the most of her gift and bring a tremendous amount of happiness to other people. I suggest that you had nothing new to say about her but, like many other people in the media, want to ride on her back for your own benefit. If you don’t understand how your final words affected the whole editorial then you are in the wrong job.

    • Carrie says:

      Dear Rose,

      I am not a Susan-fan but I am not a Susan-hater either. However, I strongly disagree with this affirmation “Well you are a poor communicator if you don’t know that posing a negative question immediately suggests a negative viewpoint.”

      If you really are a Susan fan, it does not make any difference if what the editor wrote is positive or negative. If i were to say “I don’t like apples. Do you?”, would you give me a negative answer if you truly loved apples?

  2. Retired In Kalifornia says:

    Well, I am a Susan Boyle fan and for sure she’s the most intriguing “singing personality” since Elvis Presley and yes I am old enough to remember when Elvis sang in the 1950s. Susan’s the last breath of “new” singing talent from the 1926-1964 era of entertainers born able to reach appeal across generations, yes its true most of her fans are women over 50 but many of these like me grew up when “pop” music transformed with Rock ‘n Roll from 1952 on prior to the rise of “Generation X” who changed it again in the late 1970s & 1980s – but maybe not so much as we’d expect, good music always survives. Critics still are confounded by Susan’s appeal, yes she hasn’t written a single song – yet – and yes some of her song selections are “conservative” (her next album “The Gift” contains mostly religious songs) but she has “The Voice” and so long as it projects “she’s got it” with thousands – millions – of devoted fans.