Ten Strange Animal Facts


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Ten Strange Animal FactsThe animals fascinate us but there are lots of things we do not know about them. We haven’t even discovered all of them, and the process of knowing them thoroughly takes a lot of time.Ad not set – click and set me here…

In what follows I am going to present you ten amazing animal facts which you might have not heard of.

Crocodiles Eat Rocks

The crocodiles are very interesting in the sense that they will swallow anything the can. It eats turtles, giraffes, lions, buffalos; basically whatever it can get its mouth on. There are also cases when a crocodile will attack and eat a different crocodile, but this usually only happens when its territory is in jeopardy. The stomach of a crocodile can digest so many things, so the scientists were not too surprised to see that many of them have rocks in their bodies.

Ten Strange Animal Facts

However, the rocks are not digested, because the stomachs of the crocodiles are not that powerful. The crocodiles swallow the rocks, which are quire big, in order to be able to remain underwater without any problems.

Parrots Can Understand The Language

It is a well known fact that the parrots are able to imitate the human speech, but what many might not know is the fact that they are also able to talk. They are capable of solving certain linguistic problems, which means that they can do more than mimic what one has just said.

Ten Strange Animal Facts

For example, they can understand the concept of “smaller” and “bigger”, knowing that they are opposite. They can make all sorts of distinctions, they can understand the numbers, and so on.

Beavers are Very Active During Hibernation

The beavers, just like many other animals, hibernate during the winter. During the cold period they remain in their lairs using the fat they have stored during the warmer periods, and the food they have gathered, in order to survive. Their metabolism slows down substantially, and this is one the reasons why they have most of their body weight by the time the spring has appeared again. The beavers prefer to stay in their boroughs instead of having to face the cold conditions from outside. However, in the case of the beavers this is the problem.

Ten Strange Animal Facts

Since they are in the dark on a constant basis, they no longer know when it is day outside. Since they do not know that, they do not know when they should go to sleep. Their internal clocks change completely, and instead of sleeping in the regular manner, they stay awake for 29-hours each day. They spend a day and five hours awake, sleep for a few hours, and then they are up once again.

The Whale Milk is Very High in Fat

The whales are very big from birth to adulthood. The whale calf for example spends 10 to 12 months in the womb of its mother, and when it comes out, it already has a third of its mother size. In the case of the Blue whale for example, the size of the calf when it is born is 30 feet.  Now, taking care of such a large baby is pretty demanding for the whale mother, especially when it comes to feeding. The baby whale will hold on to its mother’s nipple, and the mother will squirt the milk into her baby’s mouth. The female whales have certain muscles around their mammary glands, and this is the reason why she is capable of doing this. Now, here is the interesting thing: the whale milk has 50 percent fat. Yes, you read that tight.

Ten Strange Animal Facts

The human milk has 5 percent fat, the cow one 3.5 percent, and so on. The milk you might be drinking has 1.5 percent fat or less. The whale milk is so high in fat content because the calf needs to grow as fast as possible. And it really dos grow fast, as it is able to put 200 pounds of body weight per day.

The Chicks Take Care of Each other in the Nest

It was believed for a very long time now that the animals are very cruel, and that they are only interested in their own persona. This has been applied especially in the case of the birds. I am certain that you have seen on various TV channels that when the female bird lays her eggs, the bigger offspring will usually throw the other ones out of the nest. However, this does not happen very often, because it has been discovered that the birds are not interested in the survival of the fittest, but in the survival of the best gene.

Ten Strange Animal Facts

This means that if a mother lays eggs, it is very likely that all the chicks will have the same genetic material, and that all of them will need to be protected. The chicks are somewhat aware of this, and they usually make certain sounds in order to indicate that his brothers have not received food. This is the reason why the chicks are interested in the well-being of their brothers, in order to make sure that their genetic material will be passed along.

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  1. Animal Lover says:

    Great article. That’s a cool crocodile trick – carrying rocks around just like a scuba diver! Too bad they can’t drop them when float to the surface quickly :P And holy high fat whale milk man – wouldn’t want to put that in my coffee!