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Pop singer Lady Gaga is the most followed alive person on social network Facebook, says the international media. The news was reported by The Wall Street. The singer reached a record of 10 million fans on her Facebook page, being surpassed only by Michael Jackson. With just one year ago, she had 3.5 million fans and she occupied the sixth position in the list of most popular celebrities on Facebook, says ABC News.
The 10 celebrities followed on Facebook are:

Michael Jackson. Even after his death, Jackson continues to be the most popular person on Facebook. With over 15 million fans, the King of Pop is at a distance of four million fans of Lady Gaga, his closest rival. According to Facebook, before his death, he had 800,000 fans, but one week after June 25, he had over 10 million fans.

Lady Gaga. On her Facebook page, Lady Gaga is posting articles on her musical career, informs her readers about upcoming tours and albums, and offers fans descriptions related to clothing. Just days after a record of 10 million fans, she had surpassed another record with over 11 million people who follow her singer’s Facebook page.

Vin Diesel. The actor in “Fast and Furious” has reached 10 million fans. With an update frequency of Status, pictures and videos, the actor enjoyes success even online.

Barack Obama. A year ago, U.S. President Barack Obama was the second most popular person on Facebook behind Michael Jackson. With about 9.9 million fans, Obama has fallen on the fourth position in the ranking of the most popular person on Facebook. Managed by the Organizing for America, Obama’s page includes updates from the president and videos work.

Megan Fox. Actress action movie “Transformers” has over 8.6 million fans who follow her Facebook page. Although she does not post too many articles, the starlet prefers to post her appearances in magazines and video.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo occupies the sixth position in the top social network and is currently the only European in the top. He posted comments and pictures from the world championship in South Africa and has over seven million fans. Recently, the footbal player through the social network announced the birth of his son.

Lil Wayne. Another celebrity who has climbed several positions from last year is rapper Lil Wayne. Although last year was not in the top 10, currently ranks seven with more than 6.7 million fans. In June when he reached five million fans, he asked fans to help increase their customer base.

Justin Bieber. One of the surprises is singer Justin Bieber that occupies the eighth position with over 6.6 million fans to his Facebook page. He had attracted an impressive number of hits after posted one of his famous videos.

Taylor Swift. Country music singer, who has over 6.3 million fans, ranks among the top nine most popular celebrities on social networks.

Will Smith. With more than 5.8 million fans, the famous actor ends this top 10 of the most popular social networking site. Smith managed to maintain an attractive site by posting clips of interviews and videos as well as updates about his family and friends.

What is your favorite person from the ones mentioned above? Do you follow any of those persons online? Or are you simply satisfied when hearing news about them on the radio or on the TV? What other people do you think should be included in the top 10 of the most popular persons on Facebook?11

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